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Thursday, 25 August 2011

For Miss Peach

The princess of blogger cats has curled up her tail and snuggled down for the last time. Poor, dear Miss Peach, whose gave us so many smiles and, at almost 19, gave me so much hope when my own, shall we say, 'more advanced in meows' cat, Scooter, was unwell.

Dear Miss Peach. Thousands of miles away, yet her peachiness, gentle, yet knowing and strong, reached all the way to Colchester.
I was late discovering she had moved on as I'd been unable to log on.... I only found out today and have wept buckets for my dear friend across the pond.

I wore my peach coloured scarf when I went to the shops, and chose some flowers... which ones, I thought, as I walked round the flower stall.... suddenly the absolute perfection in peachiness appeared. A mixture of pink carnations and orange roses. Who on earth would normally put those together in a bouquet? Yet together they were perfect- peachy.

I have placed them in a vase near an orangey pottery cat. Nearby, little Fluffy's precious ashes, and a candle for each of them.....


I'm alone tonight with my Scooter, as Luvbug is away in Ireland. But Scoot has taken to snuggling next to me and stretching out under the duvet with me. I'll appreciate his cheekiness and warmth even more tonight.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Hedgehog appeal!!! CAN YOU HELP??

**this post will stay at the top for the summer; please scroll down a bit for new posts!**

I've volunteered to man a stall at some summer events, to raise money for Hedgehog Haven, a local charity that helps hedgehogs. There will be a tombola and also a bric-a-brac stall with a hedgie theme.

I have a few 'Penny Black' hedgehog toppers that I'm going to make into cards to sell on the day, and I wanted to ask stampers and crafters and artists out there- can you spare something to put on the stall for the hedgies??? Even just one picture or card, a few bookmarks maybe, or something drawn or stitched???? If you can spare anything, please drop me an email for my address. The hedgies will be very grateful!!!!!



Mum just read this post and said that I should make sure you know that I don't want any actual hedgehogs sent in ;)