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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Fearful for Fluffy

I think Fluffy is definitely in her 9th life, and I am even worried that she won't make Christmas. I wanted to make this post so that all my cat-owning friends out there can give me their thoughts; maybe you have experience of these symptoms?............

When I took Fluffy to the vet in October it was for two reasons:

  1. she needed pills for her thyroid condition. I stopped giving her the ones she was on because they were having the side effect of sever itching and she was pulling her fur out. So, she needed a blood test to assess her levels, and new prescription of Vidalta, the thyroid med she had been on before.
  2. she was off her food.

I can't stress enough that these were the ONLY reasons I took her in. She was ok in every other respect. She was racing up and down stairs, overtaking us at times. She was using her litter tray ok, and using the catflap to go out. She was climbing the furniture and climbing onto US for cuddles and naps.

When at the vet's, they felt a lump and so decided to keep her in for the day to investigate. They shaved her side and did an ultrasound scan without sedative. They found that one kidney was larger than the other and looked cystic. They gave her 3 injections; an anti-biotic, an anabolic steroid, and a vitamin B12 shot.

SINCE THE VISIT TO THE VET she has changed- since then she hasn't run upstairs, or anywhere else. She stays in one room. She doesn't climb furniture or seek cuddles. She strains to wee and meows and meows and meows really loudly for about 20 minutes BEFORE each wee.

We returned to the vet. I told them her symptoms and they prescribed anti-biotics for a urine infection. She had this for 15 days. NO CHANGE.

She has gone from running around and being cheeky to staying in one room, crying to and from from the litter tray. When I asked about this, the only response was that oh well, she IS old, you know; you may have to make a difficult decision soon.

WHAT???? Yes I know she is old, but she was old when I brought her in last month and she wasn't like this. She has only been like this since her day at the vet. I am so scared they did something to traumatise her in some way and now no one will tell me what.

Since yesterday she is off her food. I am having to force her tablets down her, which I hate to do. AND NOW THERE IS ANOTHER SYMPTOM; her back legs are weak and she is wobbly and walking ' on her haunches'.

I know this can be a symptom of chronic renal failure, but I wander if she would be weeing more if she had that. It can also mean anaemia.

She is booked in for another blood test this Saturday morning. I am going to call the vet tomorrow morning to ask for more advice. They also want to test her urine via some special litter I have to use Friday night.

WHAT DO YOU THINK??? I know she is old, but this change in behaviour is only since she was at the vet for a day. I have said this to them, and all they do is say nothing they did caused it and that she is old. They don't seem to get that she was so different before. I know she will go downhill, being old, that is going to come,. But this was a sudden change...... I think i am losing her....

Thursday, 25 November 2010


Sorry peeps; lack of posts is due to bad bug- still!

I've just got back from another trip to the doc's. Still no anti-biotics. OK I know they're not a cure if it's a virus, but after a month I'd like to try them, esp. as they can't know if it's bacterial or viral, not for sure, not without tests.

Grrr. Or, I would go grrrr if it didn't hurt.

It has now spread to both sides of my throat and both ears and I feel bleagh.

Snow is on the way, so I hope the cold doesn't make this worse, or kick start my asthma!

Oh what a jolly post!!! Sorry!!

I'm off for a lie down while the washing finishes. Off to mum's midday. Fluffy is meow, meow, meow and had me up till 4. I can't get her meds down her.


Monday, 15 November 2010

Unexpected gifts and bugs

A belated birthday gift....

chocolates and flowers.....

They were delivered complete with the glass vase! The chocolates (from M&S) were delicious!
  Who from? My brother, David, and his family. What a lovely surprise!

*** *** *** *** 

I have just got back from the doctor's... I have a bad throat and I feel exhausted and icky. It's been coming on for a while now. The verdict is that I've picked up a bug that's gone nasty because of me being tired anyway. No antibiotics needed, just water, painkillers and rest. Rest???!!!!

Well mum went home earlier than usual last night and so I was able to get to bed around 7. I've slept heavily and still feel woozy and ick. My throat is all itchy and sore all down my neck. WAAH... maybe I'm allergic to chocolates?

*** *** *** ***

I've made another little book and this time I took photo's as I went along. I'll post them in my next post.... :)

My Carftering blog has finally been updated too ;)


Monday, 8 November 2010

Birthday Girl

Haha....that's my birthday card from Mum! Isn't it great?

I also got a lovely e-Card from Freebird, which made me smile- thank you!!!

Here are some other goodies....

First this card from Beanie.... thank you!!!! I love Beanie Art!

Then a lovely parcel all the way from Feronia, in Australia, thanks!!!!!
- a lovely pen, a birthday calendar (a perpetual calendar), some candles and a lovely handmade card :)
Then Bob and Dilly gave me cards.....
This one from Luvbug :) ....

And lovely flowers from Luvbug-

 And my favourite perfume :) If you've never sampled this one, it's a very light floral...

And the latest House series on DVDs :) and a book by Kate Mosse....
You can read about this book on Amazon, here....

Luvbug also got me a great book on caring, called The Selfish Pig's Guide to Caring (click for description on Amazon!). The title is a little sarcastic, don't worry! And besides, it's one I asked for!

Today is busy busy busy, with a two hour driving lesson this morning, quick trip to Tesco, then to Mum's, then back home to take Fluffy to the v-e-t again (poor thing can't seem to wee), then pick up mum, cook dinner.....

So I had my birthday celebration yesterday, really. Josephine, whom I've known since I was about 8, came up for the day. She brought gorgeous goodies too!

Look at this! It's a set of 12 x 12 cardstock, double sided, 75 designs, 4 copies of each. That's 300 sheets! WOW! I was running low!
And how about an extra large box of choc's???
This box is enormous. It says there are 50 chocolates inside. I may have to 're gift' this one ;)

Then a lovely calendar, a different arty thing on each day....

Wonderful stuff!!!

Looking at my haul, I feel very selfish to type that I felt down today. I know that my dad and my siblings don't usually remember, so why should it matter this year? Hey ho...... then the day got busy and tiring and didn't feel special. Never mind. I had a great day yesterday, anyway!

Oh, and by the way, I've decided to reverse my age. So I'm not 43, I'm 34, ok? ;)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Two very different cards...

.... but going to the same address!

I made this one for one of Luvbug's nephews. He'll be ten. Always difficult to do boys' cards. I suspect I already sent this chap a dragon card, last year, so I was at a wee loss as to what stamp to use.... cats to the rescue!

I decorated the inside with pawprints....

Then there is this one. This is for the nephew's Mum, who also has a birthday next week. This is a simple decoupage thingy. I use sticky foam pads to get the 3D effect. Occasionally I use gloopy glue, which I enjoy more cos it's gooey and gloopy. But I made this with mum here, and she hates the smell of the glue!

I decorated the inside with a little butterfly, sticking down only the middle so that the wings lift up....

Speaking of birthdays.... ;) I'd had 3 cards already, and opened them all. Ha! Leaving them to the actual day is a sign of age!! Like not trying to find your present. Now, where haven't I looked......

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Rememer I mentioned a while back that I'd like to try my hand at making books? (I was going to say "Bookmaking" but that means something else, doesn't it... I wonder why that is? Hmm strange...) Well I still haven't got to grips with the little sewing machine but I've made these ones with ribbon binding instead......

Only two holes are visible from the cover, but the ribbon actually weaves through four.

I've also made two Christmas notebooks, for lists. I made them handbag size, one for me and one for Mum, so that we can use them when we're Christmas shopping. I have to have lists for this. Otherwise I end up buying three things for one person and nothing for two others, and only find out when I'm out of cash ;^)

Hope you like my efforts so far. One is already winging its way to someone, tucked inside a birthday card.....

New blog: Carftering


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Decoupage Christmas

I must say, I don't think 3D decoupage cards look as good as drawn or stamped cards. But they are soooo relaxing to do! And when I saw this design I'm afraid I couldn't resist it. It's so cute. I might send the card to my dad, as he always prefers a religious card for Christmas....

What d'you think?