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Saturday, 23 December 2006


Here's a Christmas special for you all. And also, my first dog. I like this breed as they always look like they're up to something. I used to watch "Frasier"just to see Eddie the Jack Russell, who was the real star of the show.

What do I think? I like it. My first dog. Slightly easier than the cats I've done so far, as the face is more "structured" and the hair can be more wirey.

Friday, 8 December 2006


Finally did it!

I thought the tabby pattern would be the biggest challenge but in the end it was the angle of the face that posed most difficulties. I did try sketching in the body too, at first, but it didn't look right at all.

What do I think? It was difficult, and I'm pleased with it. Especially as I had a lovely tabby years ago. But I don't think I've quite got the happy expression, do you? I might do some more work on that left ear... some more shading, I think.

Thursday, 23 November 2006

In the pipeline....

A new one is coming, I've been laid up with a wretched cold so not in much of a creative mood! But this is my next subject. Her name is Gracie. Isn't she beautiful? Check back next week to see her sketch!

Friday, 10 November 2006


This cheeky puss can be viewed on the following URL:

Here is my version:

There are still parts that I'd like to re-do, change slightly, touch up, etc. So I expect I shall return to this one. But I do think I caught a likeness and especially a little bit of his character. This was the most difficult so far but the most enjoyable as returning to his cheeky expression always made me smile.
Here are some step-by-step scans I took as I went along:

- First sketch, trying to get basic outline shape....

...(below) adding some tones/shade...

.........(left) realised at this point that his face was too long so I had to adjust that....

...(below) doing those eyes, and lightening up the jaw line ready for white hair....

...(left) some hair and the collar
(above)...nearly there, but what to do with the white hair on a white background? (At this stage I went out and bought coloured paper for next time. LOL!)

Sunday, 5 November 2006

New one coming...

I've nearly finished my next picture. It's taking longer as I am drawing him from a picture on the internet, rather than from a photo'.

Not only does this involve the difficulty of only being able to draw in front of my computer but also I am having to look up at the screen rather than just across a little way to a photo'. It is like training my 'eye' again.

My pictures usually take a few hours but this is taking several days. I'm coming across advantages in being forced to slow down, though, a fresh look each day, etc.

"Sebastian" should appear here in the next few days. Here he is, so far....

Tuesday, 24 October 2006


Siamese always look noble. I'd love to have one, but I'd always be worried about it being stolen.

What do I think? It's a lovely picture of a Siamese cat, but not THIS cat. If you're a cat owner, you might know what I mean when I say a cat can LOOK male or female. Well, the one in the photo looks female to me, and mine looks male! It's in the 'snoutyness'. The line of black face down the side of the cat's left eye is too thick and this changes the look. So no, I don't think I got a likeness. Decent looking cat, though.

Monday, 23 October 2006


I think that kittens are harder to draw for the same reason that I find children harder than adults to draw- the head proportions and feature sizes are all different. Why should this matter when you're drawing from a photo anyway? Don't know. Maybe we're used to the proportions we see in the mirror every day. Anyway, despite this, I thought this would be a good portrait to try because of the different colours in his coat.

What do I think?: I don't like this one much. I think it went flat, the eyes are looking left (how did that happen?!) and I can't do paws (yet?). But it's all good practice. If I say that I just think I chose the wrong photo, is that the same as blaming my tools? I had to decide whether or not to post the ones I'm not happy with here. I decided to. I hope to improve, that's what this is about. How will I tell if I lock away from sight the ones I found unsatisfactory?

Friday, 20 October 2006


This cat's breed is "Egyptian Mau". They are known for having particularly luminous eyes. As to the name, I just thought it suited.

What do I think?: I love it!


We took in a stray kitten and looked after him till a cat sanctuary could rehome him. The new owners called him "Timmy". This isn't him, but it looks a bit like him, hence the name for this portrait.

What do I think?:

I've sketched cats before but not in detail, not in colour and not from photo's. I have only had the confidence before to draw from other people's drawings. I'm pleased with how it came out, especially the eyes. The darkness makes it very 3D. There wasn't enough detail of his body in the photo & I don't feel able to fill that in myself. Too scared to ruin what I have. The confidence thing again!