Juggling life through a bi-polar lens. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Mostly trying to tread water in the middle. Creating a likeness to a normal life. Whatever "normal" is...

Saturday, 31 March 2012


Finally got this sent off today for the art exchange.

The words around the edge read-
I lay on the grass with my cat
and looked straight up to the BLUE,
blue, blue, everywhere blue,
not a speck, 
not a flaw,
and I thought...

I couldn't find my masking tape, so I painted some artist's masking fluid around the edge first.
Then I coloured everything in with a blue aquapencil. Then I washed it over with water. When it was dry I spritzed some blue 'Angel Mist' onto it. It fell in puddles, which I didn't want, so I spread it over evenly with a soft brush. The result is an even blue, with a slight silvery glitter, but a very fine glitter. This doesn't show in the photo's or the scan :(

Then I stamped foliage round the edges to make it look like I was looking up through some trees. The foliage is actually the top of a tree stamp I have.

I'd had no idea what to draw. I thought maybe a sunset sky with something silhoutte in the foreground. But it didn't grab me.

On Thursday, with a handful of hours to myself, and it so amazingly warm for March, I lay in the garden with Scooter, a cup of tea, a craft book and my kindle. In the end I didn't read anything, I just lay face up and was genuinely amazed at the blue sky, the way it stretched in every direction, with no change in colour at all, and not a single hint of cloud. It's nice to be re-amazed by simple things :)

The words soon came, and then the picture.
Hope you like it. I was pleased with it, because it meant something, and recorded a genuine moment. That's what arty stuff's meant to be, innit? ;)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Nearly forgot this this week- again! LOL!

The Virgin Queen
The Personal History of Elizbeth I
by Christopher Hibbert

When she arrived in Richmond, she said to Lord Williams, 'This night I think to die'; and the next day, as her escort rode on from Richmond to Windsor, she sent one of her guards to a group of her servants who had collected to see her pass by, asking him to deliver this message to them, 'Tanquam ovis'- like a sheep to the slaughter.

(- This refers to when her sister, Queen Mary, sent Elizabeth to the Tower as she had been implicated in a protestant plot to put her on the throne.)

I've read lots of books on the Tudor period and several on Elizabeth I, and this is by far the very best biography of her. If you want to read one, pick this one!!

 **** *** **** *** **** ***
Thanks to everyone who joins in with this, btw!

If you want to join in too, pick up any book, go to page 52, then go to the 4th line. Give us whatever sentences cross the 4th line. i.e. you may have to go back a bit or forward bit, but the 4th line is your guide!

Either put your finding on your blog and tell us in the comments to this post, or just write the entry itself in the comments. Simples!

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p.s. thank you all for your kind comments and support re yesterday's post, which I am still reading and mulling over.......

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A dear friend

This is a long post, but one of the most important I've written, I think. One that marks something big in my life. If you do have time to sit and read it, thank you..........

I first got online in 2000.
Back then there were no blogs and few 'forums' as we know them now. In fact I didn't have much to do with the internet at all in those days. I stuck to email, and what we did have back then was newsgroups. These were like a message board, but not on a website. You joined the newsgroup and any messages you emailed to it went to everyone else in the group. These came out as a page of postings. It sounds a little archaic now, come to think of it!

Well I joined a newsgroup set up for people with depression. Most of the groups started with the prefix 'alt.' but for some reason this one started with 'alc.' which I did't even notice for a while, but I think it was a joke from someone somewhere, meaning we were a bit tipsy :) because of the strange name- 'alc.suicide' not many people found or joined it. We had about a dozen members from over the world, and we all seemed to share the same sense of humour. I would log on in the evening and spend hours in stitches sometimes.

Some members were very strong, others weren't. Some 'lurked', which was the term for someone who read but rarely posted.

We all had a history of depression in common. When one of us crashlanded the rest of us rallied round and supported them. There is much to be said for the intimacy of a smaller cyberspace!

In time lots of us moved on. I don't know what happened to the newsgroup. It continues for a while via a website, but I don't know how long it survived.

A few weeks ago I went searching for it. After hours, I found some of it saved in old cached pages. I was able to read 6 months of conversational threads from 2000. It took time to recognise some of the names but soon the in-jokes were back. It was very odd to read things that I had posted. It no longer sounded like my voice. I must have changed a lot. It was a very, very eerie experience to come across these old threads still out there, like disembodied ghost voices from my past.

And there there was Donna.

Donna lives in Missouri and I met her through this newsgroup. We started to email each other outside of the group as we got on so well. Donna has MS and sometimes wasn't able to get out of bed. Other times she'd be up but still only had the computer for communication with the outside world. She loves animals and her husband, John, is a vet who brings home anything he takes pity on. This meant that at one point they had about 14 dogs.

Over the years Donna has had some really scary times, like when she lost her sight for a few days and no one knew if it would come back.

We stayed in touch via MSN Messanger- conversations that lasted hours- and then email. She helped me when Luvbug went away to Ecuador and I didn't know if we'd ever be together- heartbreaking. She helped me through very black depression and worries and helped me make decisions when I needed to.

I've tried to help too, through some difficult times that her family went through, and through the various ups and downs of illness.

Lately we haven't emailed as often as before, just updates, rather than daily contact.

The latest update is devastating. She has been diagnosed with leukaemia and has been told she may have 6 months.

We always thought we would meet up, just took it for granted. Now it seems that would never happen.

Last night Luvbug and I tried to hatch a plan. He could stay here and look after mum and Scooter, I could fly over to Missouri on a Friday, stay the weekend, return Monday... a long way for a short trip, but mum reacts badly to change of routine, and at least me and Donna would finally meet.

The more I thought of it, the more I wanted this to be possible. And I'm convinced that if I don't at least try this I'll always regret it. When the reality set in, the long journey on my own, the strangers, the distance, I started to feel panicky. But I went to Australia on my own when I was 19, and I just have to take a deep breath, 'gird up my loins' (!) and be as brave as that pushy teenager I once was.

Now over to Donna. I asked her what she thought about it, and also which airport was nearest! (Kansas, apparently.) She said she is jumping with excitement and can't wait. It will depend on how well she is after her next chemo in a few weeks. She hopes she is up to it. So do I.

I told her don't worry, I'll get there somehow. And I told her to stop bouncing, that just can't be good for her!

*** **** ***** *** **** *****

Seriously, anyone out there lived through losing a friend? I've lost friends, but only been told they've gone after they've gone. I haven't been *through* the leaving part before, the goodbye. If you've been there, I'd appreciate some advice. Other than trying to be strong for her and smile, I don't really know what else I should do.

This is where people with faith have an advantage over those of us that don't- we don't really know what to do at this point. In a past life I'd be praying and having Mass said for her. Now I think I might plant a tree....

Monday, 26 March 2012

Three Cheers!


British Summer Time has started- clocks moved forward at the weekend. An end to early, dark evenings. This is my favourite time of year....


Scooter turned 19 on Friday. He has a runny eye and a runny nose, but otherwise he seems ok. He climbs the stairs to get into bed with us, he caught a mousie the other week, and thes last few, sunny, days, he waits and meows for his blankies to be put outside so that he can sunbathe on the otherwise damp grass. Once the sun has left the back garden he trots through the house to lie on the front windowsill and soak up some more form there.


-and a cheer for double helpings of hot apple crumble and ice cream. The perfect British pudding- the contrast between tart apples and sweet crumble top, between the steaming hot pudding and the melting ice cream.... oh, and why double helpings?? Because my chest infection seems to have returned, and so has 'that time of the month' so I was feeling suitably 'sod the waistline I want comforting' and anyway, no one else wanted any more! LOL!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Possibly some progress at last!

Went to a meeting of NHS Trust workers about local mental health services. Not many non-nhs peeps came so the docs and admin got embarrassed by lots of questions and 'service user' stories from those of us who had turned up.
(What a joke! They talked and talked about 'breaking down the stigma attached to mental illness', but insist on calling patients and outpatients 'service users' LOL)
Got names, email addys and leaflets. I now have a 24 hr carer's helpline to call, too.

There was also a presentation on a new dementia care unit opened two weeks ago attached to Colchester hospital. They offer lots of things to outpatients, like art & craft, music, gardening, exercise, therapy, etc. But you have to be in the system. You can't self-refer.

This means mum would have to already be under the care of a psychiatrist specialising in dementia. -Which is what I have asked the GP for several times, since July 2010, with no result. I'll chase this, but as I said at the meeting, any mention of the D word will leave her utterly devastated. The last thing we need is a letter coming to her with anything like 'dementia care specialist' written on it.... need to tread carefully.

Did meet one psychoanalyst last year who was insistent that he would tell her she had vascular dementia, that she had a right to be told, regardless of how I think she'll take it, and that it wasn't that bad. WTF?????
I asked if he would put support in place before breaking this news to her. No, he explained, that wasn't what they did there. They don't do support. You need to look to charities for that, really. Bastard.

Didn't take her back to another appointment with him. Got her moved to a lovely female doc, so gentle with her, she loved going. But after the memory testing and final analysis, these appointments came to an end. There does seem to have been a system of 'diagnose, tick a box, then show them the door', which they say this new unit is meant to change....


Middle of the week already? Again?!

This week I'm borrowing one of Dilly's dragon books:

 How to Train Your Dragon
by Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III,
translated from the Old Norse by
Cressida Cowell

"Most dragons that the Vikings used for hunting purposes were about the size of a Labrador dog."

I haven't seen the film, but the book is really funny :) The film must miss so many little details out- like for example, when a dragon speaks in the book it's written in an old wobbly gothic font!

*** *** *** *** ***

Thanks to everyone who joins in with this, btw!

If you want to join in too, pick up any book, go to page 52, then go to the 4th line. Give us whatever sentences cross the 4th line. i.e. you may have to go back a bit or forward bit, but the 4th line is your guide!

Either put your finding on your blog and tell us in the comments to this post, or just write the entry itself in the comments. Simples!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I knew they weren't listening!

My Art Therapy came to an end this time last week, as my therapist is no longer going to travel in from Ipswich to work at the Colchester hospital. Blast. This is the one continual contact within the mental health system that I have had over the last 6 years.

The psychiatric service has been a joke. You get one half hour appointment every three months. You NEVER see your consultant, only one of his/her team of trainees and very rarely the same one twice. Most of the time they haven't had time to read your file, so much of the appointment id taken up with basic questions about your background and family situation. Then they'll say, so what can we do for you today? DUH.

But, useless as it mostly is, I need contact with this service as they are the ones who monitor my meds, change them, introduce new prescriptions, and, the thing I thought most important, note whether I am having the weird hallucinations that accompany the bipolar when I'm under any extra stress.

When my Art Therapy stopped last week, I asked my therapist if could enquire when my next p-doc appointment was, as I hadn't had one since the autumn. He did. He called me after I'd left and said, 'I'm very sorry, I had no idea, but they discharged you.' They hadn't even had the professional courtesy to tell him, let alone say anything to me.

Soon as I got home I rattled off an angry letter to the consultant about this, why was this done, why was it done so unprofessionally, and who was I to go to about meds and hallucinations if they had left me out here on my own?

Appointment with my GP this morning.
She didn't knew anything about it. Had a look back through my files. Oh yeah, she says, we got a letter in June saying they were going to discharge you because you hadn't attended a few appointments [for non attendance, read rebooked them, as they constantly gave me times I couldn't attend].

I then had one more appointment with them after this, during which they said to increase one med and come off another. Nothing was said to me about closing the file.

So here I am, with bi-polar II,
permanently on anti-depressants,
for the last 18 months on anti-anxiety pills,
and regulary taking anti-psychotics for the creepy, Hellish things I hear and experience when under stress,
the main carer of an elderly parent with vascular dementia,
no local support network, 
and my only regular help, art therapy has stopped,
and that's it, I'm discharged.

The GP showed me their letter about it. It even says I was suicidal in my last appointment. But hey, it notes that I dressed ok, was polite, made sense and seemed to have no personal hygiene problems, so I guess that means I'm ok. Maybe you need to be a smelly, drugged up alcoholic to get help.

REALLY glad I wrote that angry letter now.

No reply so far, which is no surprise. PALS is my next step, the Patient Advice & Liaison service. Big, big complaint coming their way.

Just as well I'm not suicidal any more, isn't it? Do you think, if my health problem was heart disease, I would have been discharged still with problems?

Monday, 19 March 2012

Snipe? Woodcock?

 photo from RSPB

These wading birds like to shuffle around in the undergrowth of slightly marshy land. It was therefore a bit of a shock to see one wandering across the road this evening, just round the corner from us, i.e. surrounded by houses and just yards from one of the main roads out of Colchester. WHAT the??? 

Luvbug had been driving back from dropping mum off home when he spotted it.
He came in and asked if we had a bigger box, somehting for a snipe. A SNIPE? What?

We do keep a box lined with shredded paper in the boot, for any injured wildlife we come across. In the past this has consisted mostly of confused hedgehogs. But he was right, it wasn't big enough for a snipe, so I dug out a bigger one and grabbed a towel, while he grabbed two torches and off we went....

We drove round the corner and looked up a few driveways. Luvbug couldn't quite remember which one he'd seen it heading towards. He'd been more concerned with shooing away a black cat who'd also come over to investigate this weird visitor to our neighbourhood. Luvbug spotted the bird crouching in some shrubs, so I rang the door bell to ask the residents if it was ok to fetch it out of their garden.

The man who lived there was surprised, and as I picked up the bird, he retreated into the house to get a torch. As I was folding the towel into the box, and getting ready to snuggle the bird into it, he came down the driveway for a look. He and Luvbug had a chat, and he was quite happy to hear that such a rare bird had chosen his garden to sneak into.

Tucked under the towel, we took said snipe to the emergency vet. They will take in any injured or sick wildlife overnight; they look after them till the day team come in, and then they call in someone from a rescue sanctuary to take over.

Well, from my very basic exam', and Luvbug's descriptions of how it was stumbling, we had thought that its left leg was injured. But the vet told us that it seemed to be neurological, as he was a bit weak all down that side. A stroke? He didn't think it was shock. We wondered if he'd flown into something and was concussed. The vet wasn't sure, so said he'd give it anti-biotics and keep it warm, but that if nothing improved he would have to put it to sleep. And we left him there...

Awwww after having held this bird and seen him up close, such a cute face, such soft feathers, and such a majestic beak, I was quite sad to hear that his prognosis wasn't good. But at least it meant he wouldn't die in the cold in that garden, or be attacked by a predator.

When we got home we looked up snipe in our bird books. And discovered that it had actually been a woodcock after all. It seemed somehow sadder to have left him mislabelled. Never mind. If he reached the rescue centre, I'm sure they'll know what he is :)

 photo from BTO site

The woodcock, despite it being legal still to hunt and eat in some places, has been placed on the 'amber' alert list by the RSPB. You can read about them on their RSPB page here, they also have a recording of the noise it makes there :)

BTW, here's the RSPB site's picture of a snipe. Can you see how we mixed them up?!

The clue is this- the stripes on a snipe's head go down vertically towards its back, and the stripes on a woodcock's head go horizontally across his head. AHA!


Thursday, 15 March 2012


Last night on News24 they said that our PM, Mr Cameron, was "currently at the White House, enjoying a State Dinner."

Ok.... so..wassup with that?
Well, I heard it as a steak dinner. LOL!

Now, this is what happens when I mishear something- my brain doesn't interrupt and say "Whoah! Wait! That doesn't make sense! Check again?" instead, it comes up with all sorts of pictures, thoughts and scenarios to make COMPLETE sense of whatever I've misheard.

So I was thinking, "Oh. They said what's on the menu. That's unusual." and "A 'steak dinner'? How very 'Fools and Horses'!" and eventually, "Why steak, anyway? Can't they afford lobster or something?"
This went on and on till the headlines came round again. THIS time they clearly ennuciated the word 'State'.
"Oh! STATE dinner! Oh right!"


Wednesday, 14 March 2012


These Wednesdays seem to come round awfully quickly.

Robert Graves

I once caught one of them in the bathroom, scratching up a pair of hearts conjoined, with Dick's initials and mine above them. I pushed him into hte bath and turned the taps on.

I first read this about 20 years ages ago. I've read it several times, it's a great book. What has struck me today, as I took it down off the shelf, is how small the print is. I CAN read print this small, but have often, in recent years, put books back on the shelf in bookshops because of it. Not comfortable, you see. Ha! I don't know, it is just funny to have in my hand proof of a time when such things didn't bother me.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Signs of spring

WEDNESDAY: spotted a frog on my back doorstep.

I had stepped outside to put some peelings in the compost bin. When I turned round, there he was, sitting on the frame of the sliding doors. I must have stepped right over him. He looked like he was thinking about coming in. But then, Luvbug and Mum came to see what I had YELPed at, and he hopped away, behind the pile of flower pots.

THURSDAY: spotted a ladybird in Mum's front garden.

SATURDAY: Drove into town. We took a slightly longer route in order to find parking. Passed verges, roundabouts and slopes covered with daffodils.

SUNDAY MORNING: Spotted a Great Spotted Woodpecker in the laburnum in our front garden. Only ever seen one before at RSPB Minsmere reserve, Suffolk! He didn't stay long. I just happened to be looking out at the right moment.

Had to 'borrow' this photo as he didn't pose long enough :) but this is the type I mean-
 - spotted whilst making a fuss of Scooter, also birdwatching, stretched out on the windowsill. This photo is from a week or so ago, but you get the idea...
A little later, we saw two goldfinches in the same tree. Photo is from some time ago but these are the ones we get ;)

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: sat on a bench in the garden, in sun, with Scooter and kindle. Scooter grabbed most attention. Kindles are great, but don't purr. Mum and Luvbug indoors, watching rugby on TV. Dinner in oven. Ahhh. Quality time in the warm sun with my cat. Nothing like it!

It was a good day.

I declare that spring is springing!!!

NEXT.... Mother's Day next Sunday. What's the betting that my AWOL brother turns up, like he did on Mum's birthday? Fear not, my friends, for I have put in my request for a repeat prescription of diazepam.

And then, the following weekend............

And then......... two weeks from that... IT'S EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but whoahhhhhh there I'm getting carried away...

Sunday, 11 March 2012

OMG this has to be the maddest book ever!

.... and yet... I want it! LOL!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Dies from Di! And tidying up at last....

My cry for die cut shapes has been generously met by Di, of Pixie's Crafty Workshop fame!
LOOK what arrived yesterday!!!
Oh wow!

(I am a little worried she may have hurt her wrist, die-cutting all these. I do hope not!!)

She also made me this lovely card, although Bob has now claimed it because it is all done in green, gold and white, the colours on his Irish nose. What with the friendly Bear and balloon, he says it clearly was made with him in mind:

THANKs SO MUCH, DI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have popped something in the post to you! -Just a few odds and sods I found, whilst tidying up the craft room.

WHAT the?
No, I don't think Hell has frozen over. But we did see a meteor shoot by the other day :)

Well! Look what Luvbug bought me!
We went into The Range to look at lighting, and came out with this. HORRAY! It's wonderful. And it came all-in-one, too, no putting together and turning the air blue. It was £99 though, and that was half price.

I labelled each draw to help me be organised.

I used plain white tags, rubbed over with cut-and-foam dunked on ink pads. Then I added flowers made by stamping flower shapes onto newspaper print and tinting with promarkers and blenders to make fainter, and attached with assorted brads.

Now the rest of the room is coming along, too.....

This case houses some books and underneath, my stamps, acrylic in one box and wooden in the other...

desk isn't looking too bad....

Oh no! You had to pan right, didn't you! Here's the mess still to sort! LOL!
This little room runs alongside the kitchen. It's very narrow; if I stand in the middle and stretch my arms out, I can almost touch each wall with my fingertips. We wonder if the builder's intention was to make this a utility room. The people who lived here before us used it mostly for storage of the wine their company imported/exported. It hasn't been successful as a craft space before because it got so cold. But we have heating now, since November 2009!- and now I finally have some time to sort it out. It will be nice to nip in here for an hour in the morning or while the evening meal is cooking. I'll have to set the alarm though. I burnt the potatoes by absconding in here the other day.

The walls are plain and I want to display things on them, especially the art that other people send me. I thought of sticking cork tiles on the wall, although this would be quite ugly. Then I spotted these dense foam boards at Hobbycraft:

They are £3.99 each and are A1 size. But at the moment you can have 10 for £25. I think this offer is only for another week or so, if you're after some. So anyway, I've ordered them!!!! I shall too many for the wall, but they say they are easily cut for craftwork, so I'm looking forward to experimenting. 


Thursday, 8 March 2012

One of the most hated jobs...

Mum's off to Tai Chi this afternoon. They pick her up, drop her off afterwards. I used to go with her but she is OK on her own now, though she does ask me to come sometimes; I judge it by mood- if she's a bit low or wobbly I'll go with her. Otherwise I am FREEE till about 5ish.

So! What am I doing today, with my free pass? Shopping? Arting? Relaxing with a book? Nope. I am defrosting my frost-free freezer.

Yeah that's right, frost-free, you read it right there.

I think it should be the other way 'round- free frost. Or free-for-all frost. I have spatulas and fish slices at the ready, a towel on the floor, food packed up in cool-bags and, if desperation strikes, a hairdryer.

Whoever came up with the phrase 'frost free'? The same person, I bet, that is resposible for the phrases 'fun size chocolate' and 'pain free period'.

Strooooooooooooooof!! Well, it has to be done; we've been having trouble shutting the door!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


by Stephen Fry

"I shan't tell you," said Mr Kett. "It's a secret. See? That's how good I am at keeping them."
  **** **** **** **** *** ****

This is the first chunk of Stephen Fry's autobiography, leaving him at age 20. It's very funny, and very candid, too. 

I absolutely LOVE Stephen Fry. It's OK to say that without upsetting Luvbug for obvious reasons- first, Fry's glorious gayness, and second, Luvbug enjoys QI almost more than I do. He also knows how much Fry's documentary about Bi-Polar helped me, airing as it did for the first time just 2 weeks after my diagnosis. I'd thought I was BP for a long time, found patterns that weren't explained by 'straightforward' uni-polar depression. To have a psych-doc agree, and the art therapist, and to see it on my notes, well for some reason that hit me. For a long time afterwards, I thought -though it sounds corny- "If Stephen Fry can have this and manage, cope, LIVE, then so can I."

The title of the book confused me for a while. It's from the Psalms and is repeated in Psalms 60 and 108:
Moab is My washbowl; Over Edom I shall throw My shoe; Shout loud, O Philistia, because of Me!”(Ps.60:8)

The psalm isn't quoted in the book so why the title?
Here's one interpretation, which I found on Yahoo! Answers, of all places!-

Old Testament Jews were extremely concerned with cleanliness. Wearing sandals in the hot and dusty environment, their feet would become filthy and upon entering a home, would be washed. In their cleansing and purification rituals they used poured water. They would not put their feet into the bowl, but instead hold their feet over the bowl and pour clean water over them, and the bowl would be used to catch the filthy water. The washpot was therefore a symbol of disgusting filthiness.

The phrase "Moab is my washpot" alludes to God's contempt for the enemies of Israel. The nation of Moab found displeasure with God because of "her overweening pride and conceit, her pride and arrogance and the haughtiness of her heart." God brought Moab low because of her futile insolence, yet He promised to "restore the fortunes of Moab in the days to come." So young Stephen Fry considered that he was a disgustingly filthy, proud, conceited and arrogant young man who, rather like God's promise to Moab, eventually amended his behaviour and excelled.

Wow. I wonder how many writers put that much thought into the title?!!

**** **** **** **** *** ****


Equilibrium- The Bipolar Foundation  Stephen Fry is their Special Ambassador. There is a letter from him on the website about their work: here.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The best medicine

The Alzheimers Society website has a forum for carers, family members and suffers re. alzheimers and other forms of dementia. I go there when I can, now that I've remembered(!!) to bookmark the page.

This evening I had been low after One-Of-Those-Days.
Roll the day up and put it to bed and try again tomorrow.... then I read the following on the forum.

I thought it ok to publish here, as no names are mentioned. I wanted you to see how, although at times this caring thing can make you want to chew your own foot off, other times it makes you laugh till you wheeze :)

This is the conversation i had with mum yesterday morning....
ME...it was really foggy out on the roads this morning mum ('im a taxi driver on the school runs)
MUM...you should take some margarine for that
ME... eeerrrrmmmm margarine mum, what do i need that for ?
MUM...for your cough
ME...i don't have a cough mum and if i did i wouldn't take margarine for it anyway
MUM...you said you were really coughing in your taxi this morning and i said you should take some medicine for it, and don't be so stupid, you know margarine isnt for coughs.

Then today whilst we were driving home from shopping, the car in front of us threw up a stone and it hit my windscreen with a real sharp crack. Mum jumped out of her skin and said "What was that?" i said it was just a chipping that had come up off the car in front of us.
"Oh my god!" she said "its probably dead now after that"
"What's dead?" i said "it was only a chipping"
"Don't be so nasty" said she, "what if it was one of yours, you wouldn't say that"
A moment of silence followed while i tried to unravel this one, "Mum," i said, "it was only a chipping, you know, a small stone... "
"Oh bloody hell!!!" she shrieked "i thought you said it was a chicken that hit the window!!" we laughed so much she thought i was going to crash the car, ""stop it now!" she said, "if i laugh any more i'll pee myself and i havent got any clean slippers with me!"     .....like i said YOU'VE GOT TO LAUGH.

Brilliant!! LOL!

Monday, 5 March 2012

4 X 6 ARTWORK EXCHANGE- but be quick!

The same people who organise the Sketchbook Tour occasionally have other projects on the go, usually for a fee. But this one is FREE!

You make any kind of artwork, measuring 4 x 6 inches, send it off with a postage-paid envelope, and they'll send you someone else's :)

They are collecting 20,000 artists worldwide for this project. I've just signed up- THERE ARE ABOUT 100 PLACES LEFT so if you want to join in, be fast!

DEADLINE: you have to complete your artwork this month: the postmark on your submission has to be 31st March.

HERE IS THE LINK! 6 x 4 Project

They are doing some work on the website, so you may have to 'refresh' or 'resubmit' a couple of times as the 'can't find that page' message came up a few times when I did it. Went through in the end though, so don't give up!

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My sketchbook is still being 'digitised' so isn't on the site yet. However, it is on the shelves at the Brooklyn Art Library with shelf ref. 148L.5-3 :) Strangely, I received an email from someone who had read it. He said he works in Mental Health and wanted to use it. He thought it could be helpful and asked if I had copies to buy :0

Good Lor! I had to sit down!