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Monday, 12 March 2012

Signs of spring

WEDNESDAY: spotted a frog on my back doorstep.

I had stepped outside to put some peelings in the compost bin. When I turned round, there he was, sitting on the frame of the sliding doors. I must have stepped right over him. He looked like he was thinking about coming in. But then, Luvbug and Mum came to see what I had YELPed at, and he hopped away, behind the pile of flower pots.

THURSDAY: spotted a ladybird in Mum's front garden.

SATURDAY: Drove into town. We took a slightly longer route in order to find parking. Passed verges, roundabouts and slopes covered with daffodils.

SUNDAY MORNING: Spotted a Great Spotted Woodpecker in the laburnum in our front garden. Only ever seen one before at RSPB Minsmere reserve, Suffolk! He didn't stay long. I just happened to be looking out at the right moment.

Had to 'borrow' this photo as he didn't pose long enough :) but this is the type I mean-
 - spotted whilst making a fuss of Scooter, also birdwatching, stretched out on the windowsill. This photo is from a week or so ago, but you get the idea...
A little later, we saw two goldfinches in the same tree. Photo is from some time ago but these are the ones we get ;)

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: sat on a bench in the garden, in sun, with Scooter and kindle. Scooter grabbed most attention. Kindles are great, but don't purr. Mum and Luvbug indoors, watching rugby on TV. Dinner in oven. Ahhh. Quality time in the warm sun with my cat. Nothing like it!

It was a good day.

I declare that spring is springing!!!

NEXT.... Mother's Day next Sunday. What's the betting that my AWOL brother turns up, like he did on Mum's birthday? Fear not, my friends, for I have put in my request for a repeat prescription of diazepam.

And then, the following weekend............

And then......... two weeks from that... IT'S EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but whoahhhhhh there I'm getting carried away...


Angel and Kirby said...

We 'sprang' forward on the clocks this weekend. You are seeing wonderful signs of spring!

Di said...

Great post Helena! Made me smile almost as much as your lovely parcel did! Big hug, Di xx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Been to see Dilly's Castle AND you today. Both great!

Spring has definitely SPRUNG! xxx

Sandi McBride said...

Yes yes and yes! Spring is here and I am loving it so much I don't get into blog and visit as I should....loved this!

Eileen said...

Winter has its own charms, with glistening snow and dripping icicles, but the beginnings of Spring each year are exciting as you see new signs of it coming up and out with the passing days.

All of 2012 has been much more Springish than Winterish here in Arkansas. Flowering and budding trees and daffodils abound.

I put a few pictures at my little blog from our walk yesterday at a botanical garden not far from Little Rock, with some absolutely beautiful blankets of all colours of tulips!

Enjoy your early Spring days, Helena! x

Feronia said...

Sounds like spring is definitely springing for you there, Helena! We were moving towards autumn fairly rapidly but we're having to out-of-season days of 30 degrees (celsius) at the moment :)