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Friday, 9 March 2012

Dies from Di! And tidying up at last....

My cry for die cut shapes has been generously met by Di, of Pixie's Crafty Workshop fame!
LOOK what arrived yesterday!!!
Oh wow!

(I am a little worried she may have hurt her wrist, die-cutting all these. I do hope not!!)

She also made me this lovely card, although Bob has now claimed it because it is all done in green, gold and white, the colours on his Irish nose. What with the friendly Bear and balloon, he says it clearly was made with him in mind:

THANKs SO MUCH, DI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have popped something in the post to you! -Just a few odds and sods I found, whilst tidying up the craft room.

WHAT the?
No, I don't think Hell has frozen over. But we did see a meteor shoot by the other day :)

Well! Look what Luvbug bought me!
We went into The Range to look at lighting, and came out with this. HORRAY! It's wonderful. And it came all-in-one, too, no putting together and turning the air blue. It was £99 though, and that was half price.

I labelled each draw to help me be organised.

I used plain white tags, rubbed over with cut-and-foam dunked on ink pads. Then I added flowers made by stamping flower shapes onto newspaper print and tinting with promarkers and blenders to make fainter, and attached with assorted brads.

Now the rest of the room is coming along, too.....

This case houses some books and underneath, my stamps, acrylic in one box and wooden in the other...

desk isn't looking too bad....

Oh no! You had to pan right, didn't you! Here's the mess still to sort! LOL!
This little room runs alongside the kitchen. It's very narrow; if I stand in the middle and stretch my arms out, I can almost touch each wall with my fingertips. We wonder if the builder's intention was to make this a utility room. The people who lived here before us used it mostly for storage of the wine their company imported/exported. It hasn't been successful as a craft space before because it got so cold. But we have heating now, since November 2009!- and now I finally have some time to sort it out. It will be nice to nip in here for an hour in the morning or while the evening meal is cooking. I'll have to set the alarm though. I burnt the potatoes by absconding in here the other day.

The walls are plain and I want to display things on them, especially the art that other people send me. I thought of sticking cork tiles on the wall, although this would be quite ugly. Then I spotted these dense foam boards at Hobbycraft:

They are £3.99 each and are A1 size. But at the moment you can have 10 for £25. I think this offer is only for another week or so, if you're after some. So anyway, I've ordered them!!!! I shall too many for the wall, but they say they are easily cut for craftwork, so I'm looking forward to experimenting. 



Di said...

Hellooo Helena - just glad you're pleased with the die cuts chick! Wrists are fine so no worries!

Now, I have some really serious envy of your storage - why not join in WOYWW sometime? We love to show, nose at and envy each others craft spaces :)

Little happy dance here as I thought Bob might like the card :))

Am lying in wait for Mr Postie :))

Bug hug and just glad I made you smile! Di xx
Love, Di xx

Di said...

Err,BUG hug, I meant BIG hug of course - fink I need spellink lessuns from Bob!! Di xx

Angel and Kirby said...

THat is nice ! Don't worry about the part that has not been sorted. It will happen but for now you have a place to work!

Found art blog said...

Well now, I'm seriously jealous of your workspace!!!!! GREEN with envy!

Eileen said...

Your craft room may seem small, but I have an old table and some plastic boxes for storage, so I too am green with envy!

I love your new chest of drawers for storage.. and your decorated tags are very cool!

I also just saw the Gardening Dragon card you sent to Blue.. she put a picture of it on her blog. It is a lovely work of art! You are a very talented young woman, Helena!

Enjoy your tidy art room, though I think every creative space needs to have a *little bit* of clutter in it! :)

Julie said...

That chest from The Range looks fabulous and your studio is a wonderful space. I think the pinger is a good idea though ;-)

Helena said...

Thank you ALL for your comments. Do I still have an annoying word verification thingy? I'll investigate and turn it off. I can't read that new version they've put on!!!

BTW when I said how small my craft room was, I wasn't complaining, I know I'm lucky, I love it for its smallness, it's cosy and cute, and if it were any bigger we'd probably have assigned it as a dining room instead of having a kitchen/diner- so if it were bigger I wouldn't have got it!!

I've been managing with a few boxes next to my armchair for a long time, so I do appreciate it...