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Thursday, 15 March 2012


Last night on News24 they said that our PM, Mr Cameron, was "currently at the White House, enjoying a State Dinner."

Ok.... so..wassup with that?
Well, I heard it as a steak dinner. LOL!

Now, this is what happens when I mishear something- my brain doesn't interrupt and say "Whoah! Wait! That doesn't make sense! Check again?" instead, it comes up with all sorts of pictures, thoughts and scenarios to make COMPLETE sense of whatever I've misheard.

So I was thinking, "Oh. They said what's on the menu. That's unusual." and "A 'steak dinner'? How very 'Fools and Horses'!" and eventually, "Why steak, anyway? Can't they afford lobster or something?"
This went on and on till the headlines came round again. THIS time they clearly ennuciated the word 'State'.
"Oh! STATE dinner! Oh right!"



Di said...

Oh dear - I do that too Helena! :)) Di xx

Angel and Kirby said...

It is amazing how our brains compensate for what we thought we heard! I thought I heard my grandson say something very inappropriate for a child at the diner table. I looked at his Mom and realized she had heard it too! I then looked an the boy and his dad and they are giving me a look that said, 'Just what did you think I said
?" and then he repeated a very normal 'clean' word that we has misheard!

Feronia said...

I do this too, Helena! You end up with quite a different impression of things, don't you :)

Found art blog said...

I do this the other way round. For instance, i was looking through a nightschool brochure once at dance classes and one of them said Latin and Merengue. I said it out loud as Latin and Meringue as in Lemon meringue pie!

Karen Jo said...

I think everyone mishears things at times. It does make things interesting until we can figure it out or get it explained.

i beati said...

just used my last greyhound note.