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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The best medicine

The Alzheimers Society website has a forum for carers, family members and suffers re. alzheimers and other forms of dementia. I go there when I can, now that I've remembered(!!) to bookmark the page.

This evening I had been low after One-Of-Those-Days.
Roll the day up and put it to bed and try again tomorrow.... then I read the following on the forum.

I thought it ok to publish here, as no names are mentioned. I wanted you to see how, although at times this caring thing can make you want to chew your own foot off, other times it makes you laugh till you wheeze :)

This is the conversation i had with mum yesterday morning....
ME...it was really foggy out on the roads this morning mum ('im a taxi driver on the school runs)
MUM...you should take some margarine for that
ME... eeerrrrmmmm margarine mum, what do i need that for ?
MUM...for your cough
ME...i don't have a cough mum and if i did i wouldn't take margarine for it anyway
MUM...you said you were really coughing in your taxi this morning and i said you should take some medicine for it, and don't be so stupid, you know margarine isnt for coughs.

Then today whilst we were driving home from shopping, the car in front of us threw up a stone and it hit my windscreen with a real sharp crack. Mum jumped out of her skin and said "What was that?" i said it was just a chipping that had come up off the car in front of us.
"Oh my god!" she said "its probably dead now after that"
"What's dead?" i said "it was only a chipping"
"Don't be so nasty" said she, "what if it was one of yours, you wouldn't say that"
A moment of silence followed while i tried to unravel this one, "Mum," i said, "it was only a chipping, you know, a small stone... "
"Oh bloody hell!!!" she shrieked "i thought you said it was a chicken that hit the window!!" we laughed so much she thought i was going to crash the car, ""stop it now!" she said, "if i laugh any more i'll pee myself and i havent got any clean slippers with me!"     .....like i said YOU'VE GOT TO LAUGH.

Brilliant!! LOL!


Blue said...

Sadly, remember this stuff all to well!
And, her, my mother's bowel cancer accerated the dimentia - sorry re spelling!
It's a hard road, we only daughters have to drive - know, I'm thinking of you having been there!

Love & hugs

Julie said...

Mum and I have very similar conversations at times and I am grateful for a sense of humour to get us through this difficult journey. It's a bit like two electrical wires that sometimes meet up and sometimes miss each other. When they miss, the conversations get very mixed up and very funny. Well, I prefer to laugh than the alternative. Fortunately my mum still has her sense of humour so we can laugh together. Big hugs Helena xxx

Chrissy said...

Helena, I know it isn't really so funny but thank you for making me laugh.....:) Sometimes I forget that it is ok to smile.

Feronia said...

You do have to laugh, Helena. It's the only thing to do sometimes!