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Saturday, 31 March 2012


Finally got this sent off today for the art exchange.

The words around the edge read-
I lay on the grass with my cat
and looked straight up to the BLUE,
blue, blue, everywhere blue,
not a speck, 
not a flaw,
and I thought...

I couldn't find my masking tape, so I painted some artist's masking fluid around the edge first.
Then I coloured everything in with a blue aquapencil. Then I washed it over with water. When it was dry I spritzed some blue 'Angel Mist' onto it. It fell in puddles, which I didn't want, so I spread it over evenly with a soft brush. The result is an even blue, with a slight silvery glitter, but a very fine glitter. This doesn't show in the photo's or the scan :(

Then I stamped foliage round the edges to make it look like I was looking up through some trees. The foliage is actually the top of a tree stamp I have.

I'd had no idea what to draw. I thought maybe a sunset sky with something silhoutte in the foreground. But it didn't grab me.

On Thursday, with a handful of hours to myself, and it so amazingly warm for March, I lay in the garden with Scooter, a cup of tea, a craft book and my kindle. In the end I didn't read anything, I just lay face up and was genuinely amazed at the blue sky, the way it stretched in every direction, with no change in colour at all, and not a single hint of cloud. It's nice to be re-amazed by simple things :)

The words soon came, and then the picture.
Hope you like it. I was pleased with it, because it meant something, and recorded a genuine moment. That's what arty stuff's meant to be, innit? ;)


MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

oh how simply stunning and simple your message is wrapped up in the brilliance of blue! here is a link to my favorite art video I wanted you to see it...
I watch it often because it is basic and true and refreshes me!
you are a wonderful artist and I am so glad you are seeing the simple things for they are really the best and all that we need we already have if we just look with open eyes...UP!
Love you Karla

Angel and Kirby said...

Simple beauty is awesome. The words say it all! Love it!

Found art blog said...

FAB!!! Love it!!

Eileen said...

What a great moment to convey with your creativity, Helena! You and Scooter lying on luscious grass in the Spring sunshine, being drawn into that unending blue. Your words are poetry! x

Feronia said...

Oh, I love this!

Timaree said...

That's definitely what an artsy moment should be. What an inspired piece! Perfect.