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Monday, 23 October 2006


I think that kittens are harder to draw for the same reason that I find children harder than adults to draw- the head proportions and feature sizes are all different. Why should this matter when you're drawing from a photo anyway? Don't know. Maybe we're used to the proportions we see in the mirror every day. Anyway, despite this, I thought this would be a good portrait to try because of the different colours in his coat.

What do I think?: I don't like this one much. I think it went flat, the eyes are looking left (how did that happen?!) and I can't do paws (yet?). But it's all good practice. If I say that I just think I chose the wrong photo, is that the same as blaming my tools? I had to decide whether or not to post the ones I'm not happy with here. I decided to. I hope to improve, that's what this is about. How will I tell if I lock away from sight the ones I found unsatisfactory?


Mousie said...

what a nice surprise helena to meet you again, in another world...your drawings are quite cute...the one you don't like much just look a bit sad...may be you don't like him!!!
Thank you for inviting me here, and for everything...your poem went to my heart...i'll write more another day
love from peacefulmousie

SteelJaw said...

Damn, you're good! i wish I could draw like that!



Anonymous said...

I really liked this one helena, thought youd captured its vulnerability somehow............

Keep em coming

Your very talented


Gattina said...

Your kitten looks just perfect and has NOT flat eyes ! and yes it's more difficult to draw a kitten than a cat !