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Saturday, 18 August 2007


Like apostrophes,
swallows punctuate the sky;
gathering, to leave.

I'm always sad to see them go. It always happens mid-August here. But this year, I'm noticing their leaving more than ever because I've seen so many more of them around. Especially when I was up in Yorkshire a few weeks ago.
I miss their high-pitched calls, high up in the sky, and looking up to see them, up and out from the busy High Street in town. I enjoyed seeing them, while all around me the crowd of shoppers carried on regardless, unaware of the glimpse of wildlife above their heads.

So beautiful, so sweet looking. Goodbye, my innocent little ones. I hope for safe journeys for you all. Avoid the French shotguns. Avoid the Greek glue-traps. Come back to us safely.


maxxo said...

i love watching wildlife, especially mischievous birds. today i went for a long hike across the south downs and met a really friendly billy goat. there's so much natural beauty and space around, and yet often you can be the only one around to witness it in places like that.

thanks for your comment on my blog, it was quite touching - i like thoughtful people. i like your blog too! i will stay tuned.

Helena said...

THanks, Maxxo,
I've added your link to my list so I can easily find you again. I hope others get to you from there, too!

Chewy said...

Hi Helena, I went over to maxxo's blog for a visit.

Apostrophes is an excellent description for the swallows.

Rachelle said...

idiot hunters that need a good slap.... seen so many of those while living where I do!

We love the swallows, don't the idiots know they eat all the bad bugs?? With West Nile Virus at epidemic levels in our county, the governor has issued a state of emergency.
I wish the swallows here would multiply, and stay all year!

Helena said...

Hiya Chewy!
Sorry I'm not over at your place much lately- been so busy!

Helena said...

I really can't get into the head of someone who kills for sport. I try that "put yourself in their shoes" thing when I try to understand people, but I can't get in there when it comes to these people. I just don't get it!!!

Anyway, who knows, the way our climate is going, maybe swallows will stay permanently in the future.


david mcmahon said...

Apostrophes - that's just brilliant. My favourite was the shot of the three swallows. Perfect symmetry ...