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Friday, 7 December 2007


I don't really drink. Never got into the habit, or developed the taste.

Then came duloxetine, my latest anti-depressant, with bigger than the usual "do not drink while taking this medicine" warning. Why so big a warning this time? I looked it up on the net....

.....man! How do these things get licenses? This drug caused liver cancer in the rats it was tested on. If they put it to market even after that, what was the point of putting the animals through that?

Anyway. So I've been taking Milk Thistle (silmarin) all the time I've been on it, as this is meant to help your liver.

I got the results of a recent blood test the other day- liver tested normal. Hurray!

So................ feeling a little wound up tonight, I decided to have some wine. Why not? The one that had been opend X weeks ago was off (really?) so I opened another. We have afew bottles- presents, winnings from pub quizes my partner went to, etc. All look the same to me, except some are red and some are white. I can usually tell from the label which is which, so I can cook with the right one. Ha!

Mmmm................. this red wine is gooooooooooood...........sweet, tasty, yum! Sip sip.... pour more.......

Then my partner says, "Hey! Hold on! That's not wine! That's PORT!"


Better put some paracetamol and water by my bed for the morning......



Lynda (Granny K) said...

Port and Brandy in equal measures, magic for an upset stomach! Also good for making husband go pale in pub when asks you 'what would you like to drink?' Ha! Ha!
(I only drink for medicinal purposes, you know!)
We are off for a few days in the Lakes, back soon!

Chalkhills Collective said...

*whispers* - how are you feeling?!


Rachelle said...

LOL!! I hate those kinds of medicines... I am taking a cholesterol reducer... but it might give me liver failure!!

What the?????

BTW, I got sent to purgatory, which is better than I think I deserve most of the time... HA!

Mr Mans Wife said...

I don't usually read the side effects until I start suffering from them!

My Mum had some tablets and one of the side effects was "sudden death"! Hmmm... I agree, how do these things get on the market?

Helena said...

Hope you have a great time, Lynda! By the lakes, do you mean Cumbria? When I traced my family tree, I discovered my mum's side goes back to there! Penrith, to be precise! I'd love to know what it's like!

Keep warm!

Helena said...


I slept really, really well! HA!
And my head was fine but......
...................I'm afraid all day, I had flatulence of a kind that would kill an elephant at 40 paces!!!!

What the?????

Is this a healthy liver working overtime or what?

(Bob thought it was hilarious).

Helena said...


Purgatory? Ah well, I'll see you there, then! I'll bring the carrot cake!

Bob got Limbo, but said he'd pop in with some chocolate for us.


Helena said...

Mr mans wife,

erm.... "sudden death" as a SIDE EFFECT???????? That's a hell of a side effect.

I suppose they put it on the notes to cover themselves- maybe ONE person died on it, then they mention it so that if it happens they can't be sued-?

Still, as side effects go, you win.