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Monday, 18 February 2008


I took these at 8am today.
This is the back garden from the back of the house.
It isn't snow: that's frost!

I had put out some food for the birds, as well as getting the ice out of their birdbaths and re-filling, with tepid water. You can still see the ice that I removed from the birdbath yesterday and the day before- it's been too cold for it to melt!This is one of a lot of cheeky chappies we get.
We have about 9 blackbirds visiting us regularly, though I've counted 11 in the tree at the same time. This is unusual as they're a territorial bird most of the time. I think they're putting up with each other in the cold, as they know there is a regular good source of food nearby. Most of them are male, I've only ever seen two females at the same time.Here you can see our Christmas Tree! Still in its pot, I water it regularly but leave it here on the decking. My plan is to put it in a big terrocotta pot when it's warmer. I'd love to plant it out but the garden isn't really big enough for a Norway Spruce!The spruce looks like it's covered in snow. I think it's whispering to itself, "Wow! I'm a real Christmas tree at last! At last!"

Hmmm... I guess I should have put that washing line away.... hey ho!

I don't mind it being cold, so long as the sky is bright and blue. I hope it warms up for the wee birdees soon though.


A.Bananna said...

it looks cold!! what is the temp there? the high for today is about 70 degress F.

Have a great week! :)

maxxo said...

i'm mega jealous of your garden. and the frost. i so want a garden. so i can feed the birds. and so willow can have a little grassy haven of his own.

Blue said...

It's been frosty but sunny in Dreamingspires too.
I've 5 regular visiting blackbirds 3 males, 2 females but never managed such a good close photo as yours - am envious!

Best wishes

Annette J said...

My garden looks very similar to yours today, temp not gone above -3C all day. I'm finding it very difficult to keep warm.

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog I think you'd find an embellisher much easier on your hands than a sewing machine. Creating with one is easy.


leslie said...

We've had frost the last few mornings, too, and I always check the state of the roof tops to see which coat I should wear. Hopefully it'll warm up soon. I think we're ALL tired of the cold. :D

Helena said...

Hi a.bananna,

The night temp. has been about -6centigrade, which I think is 21F. Daytime it is about 30F.


Helena said...


I lived without a garden for just 6 months and I missed it so much! Soon as we got a place with a garden again I was straight out to buy stuff for the birds! LOL!

I've seen bird feeders that come with a sucker that you use to stick to your window. It takes a while, but eventually they come and feed off it so you can get a really close view of them from behind your curtain. Have you any of those where you are? (the feeders, not cutains) (ha)

Helena said...


They're not as flighty (hahaha sorry for that pun) as the other birds but I can't get too close- I used a zoom for this photo. When they're hungry first thing, they hang around fairly close while I'm putting out the food, but only if I pretend not to see them. If I look straight at them they're off. THey make me laugh. I love blackbirds, the way they 'boing' across the grass.

Helena said...

annette j,

THanks for the advice! THere's a big sewing shop in COlchester- hand stuff upstairs, machines downstairs. I shall have to go and investigate... I wonder if the library will have any books on it...


Helena said...


Checking the rooftops- hmm I never thought of that!

I have two coats to decide between - one has a high collar so good for the neck, the other is longer so good for the bum. I have to decide each day which bit of me will be coldest and which cold bit will be most annoying.