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Friday, 5 December 2008

Counting down to Christmas....

I don't feel Christmassy at all. Maybe because I have been playing with glitter for 3 months already :)

I have done most of my Xmas shopping. I hate crowds and pushing and queueing so there's no way I'll leave it to the last minute. But this year I did it all in a couple of days- some things from the Craft centre and some online.

This weekend brings my first pressie drop-off visit, when I go to see my dad. So! It suddenly occurred to me last night that if I was going to start wrapping stuff I needed some gift-tags:)

I made these from some scraps of Indian Cotton paper, some stamps, glitter & glue pen:
I sat up wrapping stuff and now have to make some more!

Then came the jewellery. I had bought some from crafty places and some was secondhand. Either way, none of it came with a decent box. This meant I would have to either go out and buy a empty box -don't like that idea!- or make one. I didn't think I had the skill to make a good enough one from scratch, so I went through the house looking for boxes :)
I covered them with some Laura Ashley papers (becoming my favourite), and embellished them with fabric brads and 3D stickers.
I really like them! I just hope they aren't disappointed when they open them! LOL!

I have to get on now- I have a commission for 11 cards!!!!

The heating engineer is here, by the way -horrayyyyy!!!-


mrsnesbitt said...

Wonderful Helena.
My favourite part, packaging! I love it!
My Christmas Cards, ie for family and friends will just be printed photographs, I am all glittered out too! LOL! I think we may be getting the tree down this weekend...we'll have to make an effort!

Poopsie Blue said...

It all looks wonderful to me Helena!

Glad to hear you have commissions -go girl go!


Bear Naked said...

Nice work on those boxes.
Did you glue the paper directly to the box or just wrap them?

Bear((( )))

Helena said...

Bear Naked,

I stuck the paper to the boxes using double sided sticky tape :)

Helena said...




Helena said...

Mrs N,

Yep, wrapping is my favourite part, too!!! I love it. Other people usually get me to do their wrapping too as they say they can't stand it. I think it's the fun part!


Chelsea Ling said...

those tags look lovely :)

BumbleVee said...

the boxes are great......

I'm doing cards today.... not making, but sending...better 'erry up and get the Englanders in the mail....if I had your addy...I could even send you one...but, I don't....so,....I can't...and... well... uhm... okay...I'll just send to my cousins then....

Julie said...

You underestimate yourself Helena. It's all lovley and well done on the commission. Your work is excellent, you have a great sense of design and colour and everything looks so well made. You deserve to be successful.

Kristin Bueter said...


These turned out beautifully! I LOVE the boxes and the tags!!! The paper you used for the tags is fabulous...I need to look for some :O)

Yippee!!! Great news about your commissions! That's awesome :O) Congratulations.


Anonymous said...

My, you have been a busy bee.

Woo-Hoo on your commission!

Agent M. said...

My goodness you put a lot of work into those -they look lovely- I can't imagine anyone not being thrilled by those wrappings! (And I don't feel Christmas-y either.)

i beati said...

oh my the lovely feminity of the boxes- You are shining lady just shining!!

AbcHobby.it said...

Hi Helen,
wondeful ideas for Christmas!

thank's for comment my blog!
bye elisabetta

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Lovely tags and boxes Helena! (My cards arrived this morning, thank you! They are even better 'up close' than on here. The big one is for DH - that way i get to keep it!:o)

Ms. Creek said...

i love the colors and patterns and textures you choose to put together!

Lorianna said...

Oh Helena, I am just oohing and ahhing over those tags and boxes! So pretty! Congratulations on the commissions! People recognize talent when they see it. Oh, I loved the book tag you sent to Miss Peach! It really does look like Peachy and Karla! I just know it made her day too.
Have a great beginning of the new week! I will pop back again hopefully this week.

Helena said...

THANK YOU for all the messages :) I have a long list of stuff to make here, then afterwards I'll catch up on my blog visiting- sorry for not popping over, please bear with me!!