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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Packing away old stuff

The sun setting today, at 4pm. This is progress! It was getting dark at 3.30 when we went away!
It doesn't really show here but the sun was huge and so red, it made me think of a big, juicy, blood-orange.

Well, I took down our three Christmas decorations today. Big job, but someone had to do it :)

And all our cards, too. I never put cards away immediately; I sit them in a box for a few days, so that we can browse through them and rediscover who they're all from and enjoy them again. This is also where I pick up on the "please write" and "would love to hear from you" pleas. Oops. Sudden guilt. I resolve to answer them this year. They usually get put to the back of things because I have so many birthdays to remember in January (6 at last count). (Oops no -7 - just remembered someone else.)

There is a big push in the English media to recycle all our used Christmas Cards. A charity called The Woodland Trust -of which I'm a member so I should pay attention- is putting collection boxes into shops for this purpose. They promise to plant new trees if we do this. I forget how many trees for how many cards. I'm a useless ambassador, aren't I?

Even more so because most of my cards end up sealed in large manilla envelopes (I'm not even sure if they're recycled manilla envelopes), marked with the year in big black marker pen and stored in a box. I've kept the cards and Advent calenders from each Christmas K and I have been together. So far then, I have 6 manilla envelopes.

I do part with the ones we get from businesses. And most of the ones from the kids at the schools where K teaches. But the rest, I just can't part with them.

Maybe when I turn 70 (touch wood- quick!) I'll gather up our 35 manilla envelopes and drive them in a truck to the Woodland Trust's head office and ask for a forest.


My cold bug is progressing nicely.
I am in the running-to-the-toilet-for-the-sake-of-both-ends stage.
Sorry about that.

I've uploaded our photo's from Ireland, so that is some progress! Hope I can blog some this week.


BumbleVee said...

I save some of the most beautiful cards...cut out the front pic to use in bare spots in the tree... put trim or a hanger on them and use them for gifts for others to use on their trees... I have a couple that I've had for years. I put a few on my blog a while back and last year too I think.

I like to make little gift boxes from some of them ..... and cut out the fun parts or pretty bits to use as gift tags... and even use parts of them as small hanging decorations.....and this year....I plan to use some pieces of them on collages.. there must be even more uses for them..... forget giving them away...lol...

hope you are feeling a bit better .....

1st Mate said...

You've got a cold? I've got a cold. Everybody's got a cold, or just had one or is waiting to get one. Ain't winter grand?

Julie said...

I have a little halo here lol I usually take my cards to Smiths to recycle. If I forget (oops) I'm afraid I put them in the council recycling. I used to save a lot but I got overburdened with the clutter.

Bob has been giving graphic details of how poorly you are. I hope you soon feel a lot better. This cold germ is really horrible.

i beati said...

Look forward to your pictures and that question I asked you .. Stay well, and warm, surrounded by all those who love you... I too find it hard to part with those who remember me through cars.s I love sending them . Everyday some on my desk to go out - hugs kisses, warm furry cats, and blessings sandy

sally in norfolk said...

amazing that you keep all your cards.... i would not know where to put them and cannot do with clutter as it depresses me :-)

Lynda (Granny K) said...

I make gift tags from suitable ones using the guillotine at work.
Then what's left goes to be recycled at Tesco's.
Hope you feel better soon. Spring is on its way! Oh yes it is! :o)

Tammie Lee said...

Well I sure hope you feel better soon.
The blood orange sun is stunning.

Lorianna said...

Helena, you're home! Yay! I'm so sorry that you are sick though. It sounds just awful! Our tree is gone now also, decorations put away. Can spring come now?
I look forward to your pictures, but for now you must rest. Grab Bob The Bear and a warm blanket and snuggle in. :)
Sending Hugs and Healing Thoughts,

Rach said...

sorry that you are feeling so poorly Helena, hpe that you feel better soon. and that things warm up for you. take care of yourself. hugs rachxx

Michele said...

Sorry I thought you got my email which I sent as soon I as got your fabulous candy just before christmas. Michele x

Ms. Creek said...

hi sweetie, i am sorry about your cold and bathroom trips! lol

the pics of dilly and chuck really cracked me up! thanks for taking him to so many places!

i was so bad...this year i didn't decorate or do cards! so it just took an hour to put all the gift wrapping stuff away!

have a good saturday!

Bev said...

Sorry to read you're poorly Helena, hope you are soon on the mend.

I love your idea of putting the cards in a box and taking time to go through them again - one I am def going to try.

hugs Bev x

ChrisJ said...

I do love branches of trees against the sky.

I'm also very glad you can't catch flu bugs from blogging:)

Helena said...

Thanks everyone! :)