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Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Couldn't get hold of mum on the phone for over an hour. PANIC! PANIC! PANIC!
Action stations!

  • Bag packed -check!
  • Crafty stuff packed- not leaving it behind this time! -check!
  • Email to family written and ready to send -check!
  • Text message to Luvbug at work -check!
  • OK one more try to get hold of her...

brrring brring.... brring brring....
"MUM?????" -relief so heavy I nearly fall over.

Her hearing aid battery had fallen out!
She hadn't heard the phone!!

Oh! My nerves! My nerves!

OK off to start on a needle-felted mousie now.
My shaking will come in handy with the technique.



Julie said...

Helena, I really shouldn't, but I'm chuckling here ;o) I have a Mum who does the same thing to me too. I hope you've calmed down now. Maybe installing a webcam at your Mum's would help? ;o)

Anonymous said...

oh bless hunnie. you gonna have to stop panicking tho i know that is easier said than done :) maybe you could take the telephone number of a neighbour of your mums too and if you cant get hold of her again, ring the neighbour and ask her to pop round for you?

CherryPie said...

Why do Mum's do that to us?

I am so glad everything was OK though xx

Feronia said...

Oh Helena, what a time of it you're having! My parents have done similar things..."Oh we didn't quite put the phone down properly on the receiver...that's why you couldn't get through" Good that you can still laugh about it! :)

Angel and Kirby said...

I know how scary that was! Enjoy your needle felting and try to relax!