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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Old? OLD?????

Daffodils in Colchester Castle Park

We've been having a touch of spring here, warm sunny days and blue skies. It can't last; too early. So I've been trying to make the most of it, getting out in the sun.

I took mum to the park the other day. It was a gorgeous afternoon; we fed nuts to the squirrels, admired the banks of daffodils and eventually, bought some tea and cake from the cafe and took a bench in the sun by a big beech tree. Ahhh..... so lovely, so quiet....... until-

a man and a woman entered the park with a small, screaming child. The woman was trying to force him into a pushchair that he seemed far too large to need, and the father swore and smoked as he looked on. Then he took hold of the child, still screaming and now kicking too, and carried him along to throw him into the chair. He looked over at us and, seeing that we were looking their way (as was everyone else, attention having been drawn by the sudden NOISE), shouted, "HAVEN'T YOU ANYTHING BETTER TO LOOK AT, YOU NOSY OLD BITCH?", accompanied by certain hand gestures.

My initial thought was, well, YES, I have PLENTY better things to look at than you, actually, in fact, being a park, there are probably one or two turds around here that I would enjoy looking at more.
But the thought that really dominated my mind for the rest of the day was "Old? OLD? ME?? Do I look OLD?"

I said this to a friend and she said, "Oh, the 'nosy bitch' bit didn't bother you then?" Well no, to be honest, that just went over my head. Water off a duck's back, I'm pleased to say. Relieved to say; relieved that this didn't happen on one of my bad days, when it would have sent me reeling- downwards. No. "Nosy bitch" is nasty. But "old" is just plain below the belt!!!

I've since realised two things;
1) that he was probably lashing out because he was embarrassed at not being able to control his child,
and 2) that he was probably lashing out because he was paranoid, owing to extensive use of canabis.

Oh, is that assuming a bit much? Hmm. Maybe I am seeing too much Jeremy Kyle on TV. He looked like a prospective guest on that show though. Grrrr. Good grief!


Angel and Kirby said...

I am glad you had an outing in the park with your Mum. The sunshine and fresh air will be good for both of you. You are probably right about the man. And besides, if he treats his kid that way, he is a low life and a scum! I am happy you did not take the nasty part to heart. But, you are not OLD. Forget about him and his rudeness. How did your Mum take the incident?

Feronia said...

Or 3) He was a rude, miserable and nasty creep leading a rude, miserable and nasty life and wanted to spread the misery around a bit. Good for you for not letting his rubbish attitude bring you down. And you are *not* old. Having recently had a birthday, I understand where you're coming from, but really, in the big scheme of things, we're not old.

The park sounds beautiful. One (of many) thing I love about the Northern Hemisphere - squirrels!

freebird said...

Well at least you got a little peaceful time in before they showed up. He was probably saying "old" to your mother, not you! At least we can figure that, why not? And think what that poor kid is going to grow up hearing and dealing with! Dreadful.

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh to have shouted back - "Yes I have you stupid old git! But right now you have all my attention!"
A good job I don't get out much eh?

Helena said...

Angel and Kirby,
Hullo :) !!
Mum didn't hear it! One time when her bad hearing was a blessing!!!

I LOVE squirrels! The ones here at the park are so tame, they take hazlenuts from your hand! It's so cute when they rest their tiny hands on your finger whilst stretching in to take 2 nuts- one for now and one to bury. Then, after they've been off to bury it, they run back to you with muddy noses! LOL!
My brother once told me that squirrels were "rats with good PR" - I replied, "No, that's children" HA!

Yeah I really did wonder if the 'old' was aimed at mum, but the hand gestures were definitely aimed at me!

Mrs Nesbitt,
I thought of a few things to shout back but decided I shouldn't because of the effect it would have on muM! Anyway he was much bigger than me ;)

Chrissy said...

I had a lovely day in the wildlife park last year...watching kingfishers. I was taking photo's of a beautiful woodland path when a jogger came down a sidepath, he went nuts at me. I won't even go into what he said! Like you I said nothing....you never know what they have been taking!
But, Feronia has it right. There are people who just want to spread misery. I can only hope my jogger tripped up a bit further on LOL. I am glad your Mum didn't hear and you both have been getting out. The better weather is really good for my Mum too and I am keeping my fingers crossed as we had some truly awful scenes shortly (where she swore at me ~ that was worse than the jogger) before the clocks changed.

Di said...

It's so true that lowlife take their anger at the world out on whoever is unfortunate to be in the firing line. And as for OLD, that just shows how out of it with his own issues and rage he was honey! I'm glad your Mum didn't hear and hope you can put a nasty incident like that to the back of your mind where it belongs. I loved your turd comment - wish you'd have said it aloud but then who wants a pushchair wrapped round their head for a hat! What a world huh. Hugs, Di xxx

Helena said...


Lynda (Granny K) said...

Reminds me of when it was fashionable to wear long skirts . . I was walking Lucy in the park and some boys playing football shouted to me .. 'Oy Granny! can you get the ball for us?' . . . and I thought I was trendy!
The man in the park had obviously 'lost it'. I feel sorry for his family. x

Stardust said...

I'm so envious of you for enjoying spring, my place is still fairly cold. That guy is just plain rude, and best ignored by a your sweet soul. Old? Far from it.