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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

ABC Wednesday......


is for

Table Toes
..........and Tea!

I have a confession to make. I like toes. I don't mean in a kinky way. I may be slightly bonkers but I'm not dangerous. No. I mean toes are cute. I really love to sneak up on Fluffy when she's warm and dozy and sniff her fluffy warm toes. This is the kind of expression she gives me when I do. But it doesn't stop me...

This brings me to my first "T".... table toes.

About ten days before Christmas last year, it was suddenly decided that everyone was coming to my place for Christmas dinner. Oops! Our dining table wasn't up to this. We'd been talking about replacing it, and now we had to jump into action.

Every shop we went to said that, although they had tables there in the store that we liked, they couldn't possibly let us have those ones, we'd have to have one from storage, and that couldn't be done till January. Not helpful.

Then we spotted one in a charity shop. We bought it straight away, and had it in the house ready, with just a couple of days' grace. It's lovely. Well made, good wood, highly polished and with comfortable chairs (very important, that bit, when you're having family to dinner). And the £100+ went to the British Heart Foundation.

It wasn't till it was in the house that I noticed its feet.
Could it be???
Oh my!
"LOOK!" I screamed at my fiance, "Our table has TOES!!!!!!!!!"

"Oh gawd...." he muttered. But it's true:

Now for what is on top of the table lately. TEA.

I have to drink tea. Come on, I'm English. Lots and lots of tea. Made properly, with water that's been freshly boiled in a kettle. (NOT a saucepan! No! No no no! It won't taste the same. Just don't do it. Please.)

But since a cold I had back in April, I seem to be unable to taste very much. And when I do it can be quite odd. I made a chicken and tarrogan thing the other week, and to me it tasted like rice pudding.

OK. So Over the last week I've got a bit frustrated at this sudden inability to appreciate tea and have been buying lots of little boxes of the stuff in the hope of finding one I can actually TASTE. Here's some of them:

Russian Caravan was a nice surprise. It's a bit like an Earl Grey but really strong. Yum. Come to think of it, scratch that. It IS yum, but don't take my word on what it tastes like. It could be like toes for all I know.

Last but not least, I want to show you a really cute little porcelain tea-set we bought for Jasmine Tea. We found it in a sale for £7:

It's tiny, in fact, it's quite Bear-sized:What I really like is the removable basket for the leaves:
Right! I'm off for a cuppa now! Ermmm... Kenyan, I think.


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Anonymous said...

A pleasant story and beautiful set of "T" photos! Have a nice Wednesday! :-)

Christine said...

That is so funny that you didn't notice the "toes" until after you got the table! It looks, from the slant of the leg, and the "toes" that your table is from the Duncan Phyfe era- one of my favorites. Your table is a classic! Love it! Some periods of furniture have downright scary looking lion heads on them. At least yours are just toes!

Anonymous said...

Tea that tastes like toes? No! No! (giggle)

Blue said...

I scrambled with this post & did tea too, but bow to a superior post.
Well, you did have Bob to help!
And, as for the toes - LOL!

Take care

granmal said...

Nice post - I like the table toes, that is really cute and different.

Dragonstar said...

Your table is beautiful, I love it! I also love your tiny jasmine tea-set, and obviously Bob does too. It's beautiful. You have a lovely post here.

CherryPie said...

What a great find :-) and a nice selection of pictures for T

Texas Travelers said...

Nice Duncan Phyfe. We have a large one and a small one in our dining room.
Great post.
Anyone for tea?

We Like your post

Come visit,
Troy and Martha

BumbleVee said...

Do your cats toes smell like popcorn? Mine use to.... my cat's toes not my own..... funny, but not unpleasant....

Lynda (Granny K) said...

I used to love to smell my Yorkie's ears! (She was bathed every week, does that make it less unsavoury?!)

Mam and Lizi said...

I love your "T" post! Of course you must drink TEA. But a table with toes is kind of freaky. Amen to the 'kettle'. I'm going to look at your drawings.

Barbara Hagerty said...

THANK YOU! Stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comment prompted me to take a peek at yours. What a treat! I've been all over the place and back again to this post on toes and tea! So much fun, and I'll be back again! I'm an avid tea drinker myself, and I LOVE the face on that cat!!

ChrisJ said...

What a great teapot set!! We've gone back to drinking tea the last four or five years after drinking coffee for more than forty years. We're originally Brits but been over here since 1960.

Who would ever think of table -toes!!

Helena said...

Ooo. I haven't heard of Duncan Phyfe, but it sounds like I might like that style.

This table extends=- you slide out each end a little, and then slip in an extre leaf. THere's a little shelf underneath the table top for storing the extra leaf.

There's a little metal label saying that it's "hand made in England" but I don't remember the name. I'd have to take everything off it and extend to find out, and it's chocka-block at the moment, covered in stuff from another room I'm clearing out.


And yes, Bumblevee, popcorn is a good description of what Fluffys toes smell like!!! WARM popcorn. Just a hint of cream cheese.

Anonymous said...

Even with the perurbed look on his/her face, Fluffy is adorable. Now, I must go smell my cats feet!

Stardust said...

Hey, I understand your eyes for details. Toes... they're lovely too!

That's a truly fine teapot set you have there. I love the saucers! And I love how Bob sneaks in. =)

Helena said...


Get sniffing! The fluffier the fur round the toes, the cheesier they are! LOL!


Sneaks in? He's usually supervising, you know.

mrsnesbitt said...

I hesitated here.....thought there was going to be a picture of toes....to a woman like me who has a "thing" about feet it was a shock! But I ventured on, and found all was well.
Have you tried Yorkshire tea....by gum it's good!

i beati said...

Quite a find Helena, a table with toes, and valuable- I go through so much teac. The Dr. said for cancer a detox tea like Florescence is good plus oolong and camonmille- I love it all !!!! sandy I love charity and thrift shops