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Thursday, 2 September 2010

A card- at last!

Mum's new place is on an over 55's complex, but the average age seems a fair bit higher(!) in fact, we've told her she's a spring chicken at 68.

Her next door neighbour but one, Dorothy, is having her 90th birthday party in the communal lounge on the 13th. Mum asked if I could do a 'special' card for her. This is what I've managed. Not having made some for a while, is it ok, do you think??

It's a stamped image which I've coloured with Promarkers, then layered up on lots of scraps of paper, lace and ribbon, and a felt stitched flower, and blobs of 'liquid pearl' paint to add a bit of texture, and some gold peel-off stickers...

Mum likes it, but I'm aware it isn't as nice as tons of others I see around on other people's blogs!!! Hey ho!

Now I've discovered that her neighbour, Sylvie, will be 91 this Saturday, so it's back to the drawing board for another one again!!!!

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Fluffy is definitely improiving. Thank you for your messages, which certainly did calm me down a bit and stop me lying awake at night.

Fluffy, herself, didn't stop me lying awake at night of course, but at least I wasn't worrying my fingernails down over her. Yes, she still wants snacks and cuddles at regular intervals through the night. Any food I leave down as I go to bed won't work, as (1) she forgets where it is and (2) no, no, it has to be fressssssssshhhhhhh meowwww. Oh, and kindly hold OPEN the catflap for me, too, please.


*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Feel guilty not being with mum this afternoon or morning, though we've chatted on the phone a couple of times. My tummy is hurting and so I wanted to stay in and feel sorry for it, catch up on laundry, blogging and vacuuming.... she has 'afternoon tea and quiz' at 2.30 so at least she has had something to look forward to and something to do. Though she did tell me how BORED she was. I sympathise, I do, and, as I say, I feel guilty. But I shall be going down there afterwards, and then bringing her here for dinner....

We had a good meeting yesterday with Pat from Age Concern. She filled in lots of forms for us for another benefit mum should be able to get. If so, it will cover the service charge on her place and make her more confident about having the heating on when it's cool...... I hope she gets it! Pat said that if she doesn't, they won't leave it there, they will demand a reason why and chase it up! It's so good to feel someone is fighting for her!

Let me know what you think of that card!!!!!!

ps........... I can't believe it's September!!!!


mrsnesbitt said...

I am so pleased you did this hun! Great news.


mrsnesbitt said...
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freebird said...

I'm glad your mum has you back card crafting. And you thought you were doing everything for HER now, lol. Your card is beautiful and so textural. I'm sure the woman will love it. It just screams "special".

I almost bought the photo corner punch but then I realized they'd all be one size so I skipped it. I've posted a new page showing a couple of oversized corners I just used here. . Thanks so much for the offer though. It makes me feel good to know I have some good pals in cyberspace.

And don't feel guilty about your mom getting a little bored. She will adjust to her new home and start liking it soon. She might get too busy to need all the phone calls and visits for a little while at least.

Sandi McBride said...

Gosh Helena I've been offline so long I'll have to go catch up but glad that your mother seems to be settling and that you have some decent arbitrators in your corner. At 68 she is still a young woman and if she is bored it may be up to her to do something about that, taking up things to do. Reading is my passion, so I find I'm never bored, lol. By the way, I think your card is quite elegant and some lucky lady will be proud to display it on her table!

Sandi McBride said...

Oh and SO GLAD that the Fluffster seems to be doing better...even is it does mean a bit more attention...
hugs again

CherryPie said...

The card is just lovely, she will love it :-)

I can't believe it is September already either...

Angel and Kirby said...

The card is very pretty. You always do a good job. It is wonderful that you have been able to get a couple done for your Mum's new friends.

I am glad Fluffy is better.

Feronia said...

That card is gorgeous, Helena. I'm sure she'll love it!

Good news on Fluffy and I love your description of her demanding fresh food over what you've left out for her :)

Sounds like you've got a good advocate in Pat - that's great. Hope things start moving forward for you all.

Stardust said...

The card is just fabulous Helena, and I think your mom is smart for making the request to her artist-daughter!

Please do not think too much about leaving your mom bored or whatsoever. Sometimes, distance makes the next get-together a better one. I'm concerned about your needs and well-being. Let's keep fingers crossed about your mom getting real stable.

Kiss on Fluffy furry, I'm just glad that things are better now. =)

Julie said...

The card is beautiful Helena, the lady will love it. Your cards are far better than a lot I've seen anywhere! Have fun making the next one :)

I'm glad Fluffy is getting better :o)

I agree, you mustn't feel guilty about your Mum. You are doing more than enough. I'm glad you've got someone on your side. xx

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Lovely card! Glad that you are feeling more positive about things and that you are getting some help.
:o) xx

Di said...

It's a gorgeous card honey! I'm sure it will be treasured - well done you! Nice to see you back crafting - and what a great start!

Di x