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Friday, 6 July 2012

Scooter news

  Remember Scooter's tent?

 Well he has forsaken it for the all new improved SCOOTER CAVE-

 Of course, the roof has a shower-proofing app-

 When he's right inside you can barely see him-

 Ah! There he is! (with toy mousie)

 He did try to make a roof patio but slid off after a while...

We built a new bench for the far corner, as this gets the sun the longest. Hmmm guess who claimed it?

He always meows to greet Luvbug home from work...


The other night I was stretched out on the sofa. When I looked over the edge, this is what I saw-


Still likes the windowsill, and his Bear-

 Last week, Mum had a bad tummy bug.
She rang me at 1a.m., she was being sick.
We raced down there, cleaned her up, remade the bed, etc.
I stayed over then brought her to our place next morning.
Well Scooter just seemed to know that his Granny had been ill, and as she rested on the sofa he lay next to her. She fell asleep stroking him-


He stayed with her for THREE HOURS till she was brighter, and sitting up, drinking tea.

Isn't he a gorgeous pusscat???

V hard to get him to eat at the moment, and he has gone terribly thin, with hollows where his thighs and haunches were...... I am trying to get thyroid meds into him again. He hasn't taken them for a few weeks, and the vet nurse said this is why he is a bid anorexic now :(  I thought he was doing better without them- certainly his runny pooes stopped when he came off it!!!

Managed to get a pill into him Thursday. Will really keep trying with this. And I'm hand feeding him too, to try to encourage him..... I know he's 19 but I'm not ready for him to leave us yet.....

His latest sleepy place is on one of the outdoor chairs... one with a cushion, of course...

Love, tea and cake,


Feronia said...

What a lovely, beautiful boy Mr Scooter is, Helena! :) Hope your mum is on the mend.

Helena said...

Yeah, she is ok. It was a 24 hr tummy bug that was going round, apparently a lot of peeps have had it. She was a bit vague the next day, but soon bounced back.

Angel and Kirby said...

Scooter is a real love. He was so good to take care of your Mum!

MorningAJ said...

He reminds me so much of my Barney (who's about 17 as far as I can tell. Not sure because he was a rescue cat)

They're so sweet and loving, aren't they?

Give him a scritch under the chin for me.

Di said...

Lovely photos Helena! Glad to hear your Mum got over the bug fine and Scooter makes a very good nurse :)

You asked about the Elzybells stamps - here's where I got them from:

If you click on the Union Flag at the top of the page you get an English translation. Then search for Elzybells.

Not a ton of stock I must say - I bought a few so if you spot any you love it's fine to check with me before ordering and I can stamp some images for you and send them.

Hugs, Di xx

Found art blog said...

Scoots is certainly a sweetie!!! And he now has "The Box"!! Excellent!

Helena said...

Yes, given the size of THE BOX, I fear the next step up will be a shed!!!

Dragonstar said...

What a lovely series of photos Helena!