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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Since then.....

We took our honeymoon in Jersey. For non-UK-ers, I mean one of The Channel Islands, between here and France, not the New Jersey that gets slagged off on US crime dramas :)

We stayed at a hotel called Longville Manor. Click the link and have a peek! It was glorious.


I don't have any photo's of the honeymoon to share, as we were burgled a month after we returned home. We lost everything of value, whether monetary or sentimental. All my jewellery was taken. None of it was costly, but to me, every piece told a story. 

Our camera and laptops were taken, and these had our honeymoon photo's on. It also means, of course, that I lost about 4 years of other photo's. It all only hit me when I realised that I had lost all those pictures of Scooter, and the last video I took of him- just a week before he passed over. In that video he was belly up on cushions on his bench, sunbathing. He was purring as I rubbed his tummy. You would never have believed he be gone a week later- he only started to go down hill 2 days later... I had never published the video anywhere like here, or YouTube, as I had always been too upset to process it on my computer. I had only just thought about it, and thought yes, I'll do that, I can handle that now.

I had saved everything to Amazon Cloud- but when I next got online, I discovered that my files there had disappeared. If you save things to a cloud, please remember to check it regularly!!

A few more pic's to cheer us up :)

I forgot to show this picture of our Ring Bearers, as carried up the aisle by Hazel, our Ring Bearers' Bearer. Bob has my ring on his arm, and Dilly has Kevin's on her snout.
  Doesn't she look every bit the princess! She said it was HER day, of course, and particularly enjoyed having a bigger tiara than me or Hazel.

 Here's Hazel, the Ring Bearers' Bearer. Hazel is my God-daughter.

 This is Jo, Hazel's mum. Jo and I have known each other since we were 8 :)

This book was one of our readings. 
I can't imagine who influenced us in this choice ;)

The children in Kevin's class drew pictures for us to display:

 Lots of people took a photo of this particular work of art. Maybe it's because Kevin bears a remarkable resemblance to Bradley Wiggins...

 Hope it all makes you smile :)

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 Love, tea & cake,  


Everycat said...

Thank you Helena, for visiting, I had been meaning to email you, but things slip.

The hotel looks wonderful and at least you have your own memories to keep. No lousy burglar can take those memories. But to lose the Scooter pictures must have been awful too.

Love the children's drawings, that must be a nice class to teach!

Jane & Mungo xx

Kat Farmer/van Hookens said...

...love your ring bearers, fun and happy times :-)

Mitch and Molly said...

Bob and Dilly are the cutest ring bearers ever!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Brown Family said...

Hazel is so pretty! What a sweet set of ring bearers!

CherryPie said...

Congratulations to the two of you :-)

I am so sorry you lost all your photos, but you will always have the memories.

Beedeebabee said...

Oh my goodness...YOUR BACK...AND YOU GOT MARRIED TOO!!! Sweet Helena, I can't tell you how happy I am for you. You made the most beautiful bride!!!!

...I'm so sorry about all your pictures. That's sad. Scooter will always be in your heart. The creepy thief who took your things will get his. What goes around, comes around!

Much love and happiness to you and your sweet hubby. Now I have to get back to your previous post and read about your wedding!


Helena said...


The children's drawings were a finishing touch, I think!! Everyone was giggling over them!

Helena said...

Kat, yes Bob and Dilly simply HAD to be there, and had to have a special role :)

Helena said...

Mitch and Molly, Bob said to tell you, "WA-HEYY!!!

Helena said...

Brown family,

HAzel is very pretty isn't she? I managed to convince her not to wear Goth or dark purple (with a big slit up the side!) I was glad she left her bat earrings in though. That was the real her!

Helena said...

Cherrypie! HELLO!!!!
Thank you xxx

Helena said...


HALLO!!! I believe that what comes around goes around too!

Tammie Lee said...


i hope you had a lovely honey moon, you look lovely in the photos.

so sorry to hear about the burglary.
that is sad.

thank you for stopping by and your lovely visit.