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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

One Haiku Is Not Enough For A Friend

One Haiku Is Not Enough For A Friend

I watch my friend rest
at my side, paws curled in sleep,
eyelids tightly closed.

A flicker of tail,
a shudder ripples through the
fur, betraying dreams.

What night-thoughts does he
see, that stay out of my reach?
Mice and birds and hunts?

Perhaps it was just
a shiver of old age, a
warning to me: be

ready for the time
when I shall search for movement
through tears, and in vain.

Never mind. Rest now.
I will not let that future
sadness soil this peace.

And so, I watch him
stretch, yawn, pad, roll, sigh, curl back
into precious sleep.


Rachel said...

I always wonder what cats see in their dreams.

cherished79 said...

A lovely poem....keep writing.

Helena said...


Yes, it isn't as obvious as with dogs- my hound used to lie on his side and just run!

The cat in the pic is Scooter. He's my 14 yr old boy. He has spondylitis in his spine, poor fella. But he's still very cheeky and loving.

Helena said...

Thank you, Cherished,
This is another one my tutor didn't like! LOL!
I should release an anthology; "Poems my tutor hated".

Anonymous said...

- Sniff - My baby "Weenie" was a black short hair also. I miss him. Lovely poem.

Victorya said...

lovely! oh, brings a tear to my eye. I do so love the kitties, such wonderous mysteriously loving creatures. And so darn cute when curled in a ball.

Helena said...

Ah, Chewy. I know how you feel. I lost my black & white, Figs, 2 years ago (cancer) and I still cry when I think about her. I loved her so much, She was sooo special.

I've never been able to draw her. Still too close...

Helena said...

I love the way they tuck their tails in when they're curled up like that! So neat!

Rachelle said...

Oh, you made me cry!
Reminds me of my beautiful Shadow, he is 12 now.
I had a three legged cat (cancer) for 15 years. She was my Windy- aka: boo-boo..... I simply died a little bit when she died.

And I didn't know you were Bob's momma! Wow, I am even more impressed.
You are a strong, (and busy!) woman!
I am so glad I got to meet you.

Lin said...

Oh, he is just lovely! I also see that he is alpha enough to have gathered a few 'ear marks' like our Ming the Merciless has.

Helena said...

I know what you mean exactly! My beloved blac and white cat, Figs, had cancer. I had to let her go June 25th 2005. And a bit of me really died that day. I've parted with other pets, but she and I had some sort of connection. Someone who'd never felt that way about a pet would find that mad, I know. But it's true. I miss her so. She was special.

Oh and yes, that Bear keeps me on my toes!


Helena said...

Ah yes, the cauliflower ear!
I'm afraid he is no alpha though!
He is (lower voice- must only say in whisper-) a bit of a coward at heart.
But that just makes him even more lovable: "Scooter the Brave".