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Saturday, 21 July 2007


©Rachelle @ Pasture Musings

This is Pasture Musings latest family addition. Follow the link to her page to learn more.

Just had to put her here- she made me smile from deep down inside when I saw her!


Victorya said...

OMGOSH! look at the smile and the contentment and the fuzziness and the eyelashes and the perfect mochalatte colour!

Thanks for bringing the cuteness here, that picture definately needs to go viral.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Awww, makes you have faith in the world again, doesn't it?

Helena said...

"contentment" was just the word I had in mind too!

Helena said...

I love animals.
But the way so many are hurt by humans is never far from my mind. A bit of the dark side I have trouble shaking off!
So as much as scenes like this make me smile, take a breath and rise up inside, it's a "sweetened sadness".

Hey ho!

Jenera Healy said...

We went to the fair last weekend and saw a bazillion baby animals and every single one of them just make you smile.

Helena said...

I shall have to get a book full of photo's of them for when I'm wound up!

Miss Smack said...

hehehe i love this pic!