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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

ABC Wednesday......

N is for National Day..

Today is St George's Day, the patron saint of England, and is England's National Day.

I don't have a St George's flag. I do know where a few are being flown today, but thanks to a horrible cold virus I'm not going anywhere today...

I do, though, have a few dragons. So here you are.This is a Chessell Pottery dragon called Wilbur. Chessell no longer exists so as dragons go, he is quite rare. This is called "Wilbur's First Flight". Ahhh....
These little ones are called Norbert. Both of them. So I call them Norbert 1 and Norbert 2.
Happy St George's Day, to anyone with any Englishness in them!


For more info ABC Wednesday posts, go to Mrs Nesbitt's blog

where you will see a blogroll of those taking part.



Blue said...

Well done on you!
I was going to do a St Georges post for my second of the day but personal events got in the way.

Only one thing is ... where's Dilly?

Take care

mrsnesbitt said...

Sorry to hear you have a cold, hope you are drinking lots of lemonade...and remember feed a cold!

Powell River Books said...

I have a lot of English in me, but have lost a lot of my heritage since my distant relatives emigrated to Canada and the States. Thanks for a hint about my past.

I saw the black cat on your sidebar. It looks a lot like a stray that adopted us many years ago. Do you know what breed of cat you have?

I chose N is for nummies. What's that you say? Click here to find out. – Margy

CherryPie said...

What a great idea for letter N :-) and I love dragons!

Hope you are feeling better soon.

leslie said...

I have a lot of English heritage; actually my Dad's Dad was born in Liverpool and my Mom's Dad was born in Ayr Scotland. My Dad's Mom was born in Llandudno, Wales. So Happy St. George Day to you! :D

Ida said...

Cute dragons.
I hope you get well soon.
Take care. :)

Liz said...

I'm Welsh but I still like your dragons!

Katney said...

It is delightful to meet Norbert and Norbert. Happy St. George's Day.

Dragonstar said...

Beautiful wee dragons! They are really so sweet.

Get well soon.

Neva said...

Hmmmm seems the whole name thing is overrated...and why not go with the flow? I was happy to take the hubby's last name...and now the children and we all match...with out a hyphen.lol
Like your "N" choice!
Mine are up here:

Helena said...


I was very stuck re what to do for "N". Dilly was busy doing her own St George's day post so I couldn't get her for a photo!


Mrs Nesbitt,

I'm on ginger ale. ALways seems to work on sick tummies. Eating is more difficult. Though I have manged some creamy porridge.


Powell river books,

There's a branch of my dad's family in Canada but we all lost touch. Fluffy is a non-pedigree cat!! She is 15 and very vocal. She is on special meds for thyroid problems and a special diet for renal problems. But I hope she stays with us a long time yet.



My mum collects pottery dragons. I'm worried I might start, too. If I see any more good ones out there...


I'd say your heritage had some British in it then, rather than English. SO you can celebrate St Andrew's Day and St David's as well!



thanks a lot!



aren't they cute? Of course, they are alive. It's just that pottery dragons move in different time to us so we can't see it.



I knew you owuld like this one!!!



I've never had nor wanted children so the problem never came up. But generally speaking, if the kids' surname is a problem, why doesn't the man take the woman's name? If this possibility is shocking to some, that's only as shocking as the idea of giving up my name is to me. Anyway, my deed poll cost £45. So it's my name, I paid for it LOL!

If, after we're married, mail arrives addressed to "MRS" and then my partner's name (both forename AND surname, remember, e.g, Mrs John Smith) then I'll be returning it "addressee not known".

As for going with the flow, I prefer to plough my own furrow!


Petunia said...

I didn' t know that yesterday was your National Day. Here in Norway we have our National the 17. of May.
We learn a lot by joining ABC Wednesday:)
Petunia's ABC

david mcmahon said...

Hope you're feeling better and that the dragons ar looking after you.

Powell River Books said...

I finally found my way back to your site today. Thanks for answering my question about your black cat. Mine is a stray as well, but he has a very nice long coat and a grey mane. My family came to the US through Canada. I am finally taking the family home so to speak. - Margy