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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A birthday card - & my prize arrived!!!

Remember I said I'd won a Photo Caption Competition with Sharon Duncan Crafts?
Well, my prize arrived: 3 sets of stamps and 2 ink pads. I was completely stunned! I never expected so much!
Now I need to get to work on a wee Thank You card....

Meanwhile, in the evenings, I have been colouring some more stamped images and putting them into a box, to be made up into cards or tags at another time. I like the birds on this one...
This next one developed into a birthday card for someone, although her birthday isn't till 15th July. I'm sure there are others that need doing before then, but never mind!
I'm enjoying water-colouring. I'd used water-colour pencils for so long I'd forgotten what it was like to use the actual paints. It's very relaxing.

I also cut out and sewed some paper hearts whilst watching CSI :) .....
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Head Stuff

I had a heavy session at Art Therapy yesterday. Lots of talk and very little drawing! Imagine a table in your head that's had stuff piled up on it for weeks. Then someone walks past it and brushes against it. Everything topples over. Nothing new: you already knew all the stuff there. But it looks different all spilled out like that.

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Other Stuff

I hope the storms blow themselves out soon so that I can get back out into the garden. I've bought two trays of bedding plants; marigolds and red salvia. What on earth possessed me to buy 60????

Having been in a low gear for a while, the house is now a tip. -When I'm low and/or physically unwell, jobs just don't get done. And as an untidy mess affects me badly, I need to get it all cleared up and straight.

At least the rain will keep me from getting too distracted. Today I started by writing a list....... ahhh that's enough for today :)


Angel and Kirby said...

Helena that is a very graphic picture. Dumping the cluttered table in my mind! WOW! That would give you a new prospective. Pretty cards as usual!

Sandy Kessler said...

Congrats you hit the jackpot. I desperately need birthday and everyday cards..thanks sandy

Julie said...

You'll have great fun using those lovely stamps Helena :o)

Feronia said...

I love your image of the pile of stuff being knocked over, Helena. So true!

Red salvia...sounds interesting. Haven't heard of that - we have purple salvia here.

I find when I am really down, tidying up is the first step in clambering back up the hill again.

Pinkllilac said...

Congratulations on your win fantastic.
Beautiful colouring and a great idea for later use. Your plants look great and you must show us a picture when they flower.
Hugs Linda

Dragonstar said...

You'll have such a load of fun with those stamps - what a great prize!

Don't let the housework get you down, you know you'll get on top of it when you're right again, and in the meantime who cares? (There speaks one who very rarely does housework - shhhh!)