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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

What on earth's going on?!!!

Luvbug and I have a sneaky feeling that someone somewhere may have a photo of us and is sticking pins in it, because when comes to tough luck, if it isn't happening to us, it's happening to someone near us!

How about this for a running tally, since October:

  • Central heating wouldn't come on again. We got estimates to get it fixed and decided to go ahead at about £2,000.
  • Mum had an MRI revealing 3 fractured vertebrae and osteoporosis.
  • The following week- Mum had a mini-stroke.
  • Heating job rose to nearly £3,000 as pipes were found to be almost completely blocked.
  • Luvbug got date for long-awaited operation on a hernia- they've given him Christmas Eve!
  • My younger brother rings from Mexico where he went to work and live with the love of his life in March... erm.... they've split up.
  • Elder brother rings to say he has to have a test for bowel cancer. WTF??????
  • We bring mum and cats to Colchester- very stressful journey. Fluffy and Scooter meowed all the way. HATED new carriers. OK once here, but boy oh boy! First few days were stress stress stress. Very little sleep all round.
  • Same evening we all get home- we shut the front door and the handle and lock all fall away in Luvbug's hand. I call locksmith the morning. New lock fitted = £130.
  • Mum's first day in our place and I show her round the garden where she slips on leaves and falls flat over- luckily nothing broken but very winded.
  • Luvbug has job interview. Goes to cupboard for ironing board for suit trousers.... finds ironing board is soaked through. The only thing above that cupboard is the upstairs loo.... we flush it to find out what the connection is.... water pours through a new hole in the cupboard's ceiling! Now we have to get a plumber to investigate, a new loo, new flooring....

Good grief! What is this??? Well thank goodness I am laughing. I don't know HOW I am, stress usually has such a bad affect on me. Maybe it's adrenaline. I don't know. But c'mon! Isn't it someone else's turn yet??? AND TODAY MY BLOODY TIME OF THE MONTH STARTED!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRRRRGHHHHH!

NOT the best day to be wandering through M & S when they have a "Buy one, get one free" offer on 1lb boxes of chocolate biscuits... =)

ps.................. he got the job!!!! Now we have to check how long after the op' he has to refrain from driving. We suspect they will say more than a week, in which case he'll have to cancel the operation because having it will mean he can't start the new job.....


Lorianna said...

I'm so glad I listened to the little voice that said, "Go see Helena!"
Yikes! I know it's difficult to believe, but this kind of stuff all coming down at once happens. A Lot!
It sucks! I am amazed and proud of you for handling this all with such humor and grace Helena.
Having your Mum and the kitties safe and snug with you is such a blessing. And yay for your Luvbug getting a new job! I'm sorry about his upcoming surgery. I'm told it's very routine now, but any surgery is scary for certain! My husband had surgery for Diverticulitis several years ago and he was in the hospital for over a week. The worrying is the worst bit of it, isn't it?
Poor Mum taking a fall! :( I hope she's recovering from all she's been through, dear lady. Gentle hugs for her.
Now, you... Eat some choccie if it doesn't bother your tummy. You deserve some rest. You deserve heat and proper plumbing, but that will get there soon, right?
Oh Honey, I am holding you in my thoughts and heart. I wish we could have tea together. I made pumpkin pie and I have ginger ice cream. I wish I could have it with you. I may be making little chocolate cakes too and I would love to share those too.
Please take a calming breath and believe that all this nonsense will pass. Life will go back to what passes for normal.
I adore you and I will pop over to see how things are. You can e-mail me if you want to in a spare moment.
On the bright side; You have kitties in your home! Enjoy the little floofy bundles of Love. :)
Lots of Hugs,

Helena said...

I love the birthday card you sent, and the pressie! When I am better organised I am going to do a post about the lovely cards I was sent. Amazing!

BTW we have heating now!!!! But I keep forgetting. Earlier I thought I was having a hot flush, then I remembered that we have a radiator in this room now and it had been left on a high setting =)

Feronia said...

I hear you, Helena!...we have had a run of things like that too lately - things breaking down/falling apart, in and out of doctor's surgeries and emergency departments...But I think that your Luvbug's success in the job interview is a sign that your luck is now starting to turn back the other way...thinking of you :)

Helena said...

Feronia, thanks to you too for the lovely cards and pressies!!!!
And yes, I do hope that his success means a turn in the road for us =)

Feronia said...

My absolute pleasure, Helena :) Fingers crossed for you!

Angel and Kirby said...

Congratulations on the job, Luvbug! Lets hope that resets the luck. I have a sister that if she did not have bad luck, she would not have any luck. An old saying is 'when it rains, it pours' seems to apply to you.

You are a strong lady to deal with all this.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

hey, you know....my doggy is almost as familiar as you lil black kitty xx
hugs and loves xx

Allison said...

Wow. I've heard of bad things coming in threes... you sure have that beat!

On blogger santa... I would love, love love to have EVERYONE who wanted to participate. However I have to take the cost of shipping into consideration and cannot ask someone to ship to another country without warning. I'm really sorry.

I promise that I have giveaways from time to time and you would not be excluded from those.

Dragonstar said...

What a load of trouble you've been having! I agree with others - you're doing so well to cope with all this. And three cheers for Luvbug's new job!!!

Love that cartoon by the way.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

I've found that a change in circumstances causes havoc! Your poor mum falling over - oh no! The cats creating - it sounds like a nightmare!
Are you insured for the leaking toilet? new floorboards, etc. new for old?
Glad luvbug got the job! Hugs, Lynda

Ginger Jasper said...

Well one good thing of getting the job may start a catayst og good things.. I sure hope so as you have had your share and other peoples of bad.. Here's hoping and we have everything crossed.. Hugs GJ and Carol xx

Mary said...


It never rains but what it pours. I've had many months like that. November has been one of them with things going wrong with our van and costly repairs, among other things. I do hope there is an end in sight for both of us.

If you would like to join my book swap, you are more than welcome. Drop by and leave me an email addy where I can get in touch with you.


Gattina said...

OMG ! that's a week you should have stayed in bed and not answer the phone ! sometimes it's terrible all bad things are happening at once. I hope you will be now in peace for a while !

Julie said...

First the positive - Congratulations to luvbug on his new job! Yay!!! So that's going to be the start of good things! Definitely :o) My friend is going through a similar catalogue of disasters including nearly losing her grandson to a chest infection last week (he's only 5 weeks old). Thankfully he is recovering well but that was very worrying for several days; her husband was in hospital at the same time and her mum has just had a heart attack! I'm glad you are warm again and the kitties and your mum are all ok. Fingers crossed things will now start to improve for you all. xx

Blog Princess G said...

I tell you, you throw enough challenges at a woman and she'll rise to the occasion in ways that will amaze her! Still... yes, I agree with you, enough already! Take care Helena... Bruce the Bat, the teddies and I are sending good vibes!

freebird said...

Wow. You are right. Enough is enough. Thank goodness a new year is almost here! Lot's of bad stuff happening but it can't go on forever. The cats will settle in. How is your mom settling in? Will she be able to take care of herself in her new home? I sure hope things clear up soon. Make sure you take care of yourself as you seem to be keeping everything together right now and if you are not okay, no one else will be either.

Helena said...

Thank you all so much!!!

Sandy Michelle said...

I guess when it rains it really pours! I'm so sorry all this is happening to you guys! I'm sure that only good things can happen from here on! Congrats to your man on getting the job!

Sandy xox