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Monday, 2 November 2009

Autumn colour

Red, pink, orange, gold, green....
leaves from our walk, scanned in.

There are some lovely colours around right now!
It doesn't happen every autumn, so if you can, get out and have a look before it all disappears!

It only goes this red in certain weather conditions; if the autumn days are sunny and mild but the nights are cold but not freezing, then we get bright colours that hang around a while before falling. Some years it seems to go from green to bare REALLY quickly, giving rise to conversations at our kitchen window that go something like this, year after year;
"Oh! When did that tree lose its leaves?"
"Erm.... not sure. It was green last time I looked!"
"Me too. Oh well."

Not so this year. Yesterday it was windy and rainy for the first time in AGES. We had to go out anyway, so we cut across the park on the way;

Spot the goosies!;

Luvbug took all these photo's. This is my favourite.
I like how the leaves look "spiky":

I collected some of the leaves and immersed them in a bowl of water when we got in. If you do this, they stay pliable and fresh till you're ready to do something with them. They were OK there overnight. Today, I dried them out by sitting them on some kitchen paper and then laid them across my scanner....I was just keen to get a record of them. They're so lovely. Such stunning colour. Like jewels..
I might try to make backgrounds from these scans, maybe for my blog or printed out and used on arty crafty stuff. Or I might just forget all about them. We'll see!


*** *** *** **** *** *** *** *** ***

It's my birthday this Sunday!!

I shall be 42, which, as any Douglas Adams fans out there will know, is the answer to life, the universe and everything.
So that's nice, isn't it?
Now I just need to find the question.

Watch this space for some birthday "candy". I shall post about it just as soon as these heating engineers have finished pulling up floors and making dust.... ooooo central heating, soon, folks, soon! Horray!


TinyBear said...

Oh -Your fall photos are beautiful. I just love those colors. Thank you so much for your visit over at my place :D
and Happy Birthday too. I hope you´ll have a lovely day.
~ TIna

Julie said...

I agree Helena, Autumn leaves are just gorgeous. They would make a lovely background.

Woo hoo! Heating!! Now that will be a good birthday present! :o)

Helena said...

TinyBear, thank you!

Julie, don't encourage him- he has already suggested it could be my b'day present!!!

Dragonstar said...

Gorgeous colours! What a clever idea to scan the leaves - I'd use my camera and end up with a load of fuzzy pictures!

Pinkllilac said...

Beautiful pics Helena and the leafs are in such stunning colours, I do hope you use them.
Hugs Linda

Happy Birthday for Sunday and hope you have a great day.

CherryPie said...

Thank you for sharing those autumn colours, autumn is my favourite time of year.

We share a Birthday week ;-)

Lorianna said...

Very pretty Helena! Are those from an Oak? Maybe Pin Oak, but I'm not sure...
Brilliant idea to scan them. They would make really pretty background papers.
Your Birthday is this Sunday already?
Yikes! I still have to get your card and wee pressie in the mail! I hope the postal strike doesn't affect it too much. It will be late :( but, hopefully it won't become a Christmas pressie!
I'm glad you have had such mild weather. Yesterday was nice. We managed a walk and I actually took my camera. I will have to upload the pictures. There are two cool gargoyle ones and two kitty sitting amongst leaves. She was just a kitty we came upon and she posed nicely for us before giving us the "tail" and walking off.
I hope you get your heat quickly and that your Birthday is wonderful! I just turned 42 in May, though I try too not focus on the number.
See you really soon!

Sandi McBride said...

What beautiful photos...ever noticed that hard as man tries, the colors in nature are just incomparable? No one paints like Mother Nature! 42 on Sunday...you baby! I shall be in to yell Happy Birthday then!

Angel and Kirby said...

Your fall colors are beautiful. We do notget drastic color changes here, often, not like on the North East. If you find the question let us know. Happy Birthday

Feronia said...

Beautiful autumn snaps, Helena. It's a lovely time of year. Happy birthday for Sunday! I am not too far behind you age-wise...

Chrissy said...

The leaves are so gorgeous right now. I picked up lots the other day and photogrphed them together with some chestnuts and bits and pieces. I used them to make a digi autumn green man a little bit like my painted one, it was fun if a little time consuming. I did use some of last years for backgrounds and things, the images also make some nice male cards...
Have a lovely birthday at the w/e :)

Shirley said...

Happy Birthday every day!!