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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Cards and shopping :)

After packing up a box of 60+ cards to send out to the USA the other day (horrayyyy!!!!) I felt sort of, well, cardless. LOL! So I was suddenly itching to make some new ones.

I brought some crafty stuff with me to mum's this time. I had allowed myself one SMALL box full. Though, it's amazing how much you can squeeze in a small box when you're determined :)

So, in the evenings, I've been a-pootling. Here's what I've come up with....


& of course, hedgehogs...
...the inside:
Last one- I do like the darker colours scheme on this one:& inside:
The cat one is water-coloured, the hedgehogs are coloured with ProMarkers. Which effect do you prefer? I find either relaxing to do, but I think I like the effect of the water colour best.

The fancier-than-my-normal inside of the cards came from necessity and impatience:
I had no large paper suitable for a simple lining, and I couldn't leave finishing the cards till I got home Sunday night!

*** *** *** *** ***

I need a bit of variety, I think. I seem to have so many hedgehogs! Would any of you stampers out there be able to stamp a few images for me? Hmm??? I would gladly swap some crafty stuff for some. Please email me if you can help!!!

This evening I found a lovely online shop, Dies to Die For. I enjoyed exploring their huge stock of stamps whilst mum watched CSI :)

I fell for this one, I'm afraid. And, as it was in a sale, found myself pressing the PayPal button.... sigh..... teehee!!
Ah well! I am looking forward to colouring him. What do you reckon, a silver tabby? Ginger? :)
And what is he leaning on? I just loved the expression on his face!


Angel and Kirby said...

I like the water colors best, but both are beautiful! I am mot a stamper, or I would help you out. The kitty stamp is so cute! Can't wait to see what you create with it!

Helena said...

Angel and Kirby,

I shall have to colour him black and white a few times, I think!

Feronia said...

Gorgeous cards, Helena. Both styles are lovely. I have a stamp of a mouse leaning on a teddy bear which is very sweet, if you're interested. I reckon that cat is leaning on the back of a couch.

Julie said...

Good to see you're managing to do some creating Helena. Naughty me, I haven't sent your parcel yet. Oops!

Lorianna said...

Hello my sweet friend! Your cards are as lovely as you. I have an Easter stamp with little mousies gathering jelly beans. It is really big and a literal pain to stamp. Perhaps with a brayer you would have better luck.
I am as down as can be. Almost as bad as when Tookie passed away. Not ready to join "The Maidens" Who Don't Float Club" yet, but very blue.
How are you and your Mum? I have been thinking of you so much! Will she be moving closer to you soon? What a relief that will be.
Karla says Spring will be here soon and I must hold out. I will do my best.
Love and Cake and Tea and beautiful Tulips,