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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Getting more lovely things in the post :)

That cat stamp arrived!
So I've been colouring a few moggies in...So far I have only used one, and this I have set leaning on top of an address label on a parcel to someone :)

The fancy edging is courtesy of another parcel that was waiting for me when I got home on Monday- I've at last been able to replace my broken cutter:This Woodware one has lots of different edging blades that you can collect. You get a straight one and the wavy one in the initial pack. I've been cutting up every scrap in sight. It's so smooth and satisfying to use. I'm easily amused, aren't I?

Next, an intriguing parcel containing this wee box:It was from Miss Peach and her lovely Mum, Karla!
Look what she sent me!-Two multi-coloured stamp pads, a lovely Valentine ATC and some clear stamps.
Can you see what she's written? "4U because you have a..." and the stamp says LUVBUG. LOL!!!!!!
She said that when she saw it, she knew I needed it.
THANK YOU, Karla!!!!! I haven't had time to nip over to your blog yet, but I hope my card to Miss Peach gets there OK. It's quite pink and peachy so she should like it :)

And then, today, what do I wake up to but this-From Lorianna :) I love cards with birds on. I think I've said this before. Don't know why, even, but they always look classy and interesting. And the choccies survived the post! (There were three, but the third didn't survive the Luvbug.)

I am saving them for Easter. I am using the season of Lent to focus on not eating sugar or wheat. I THINK I have more energy when I don't eat these. I THINK. It's a sort of experiment, really.

Anyway there is a tag inside, tied with an organza ribbon:The camera didn't pick up the gold, or the glitter very well but you get a wee taste of how lovely it is. What a nice surprise! It really gave me a lift. THANKS, Lorianna!

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Lorianna is going through a deep blue patch at the moment, battling depression as well as terrible pains form her arthritis. Please nip by and leave her a cyber-hug if you have a moment. Send some positive vibes her way. Just think of the nicest, biggest chocolate cake and then think of her. I think that's how it works :)


Lorianna said...

Oh Helena, I'm blushing a bit. I'm so glad you received your card and thank you ever So Much for thinking of me!
The kitty stamp is adorable. I love how Karla found that Luv Bug stamp for you. Perfect!
I read your comment on my blog and I honestly laughed for the first time in quite a while. "Farty Kitties on Boxing Day." That is just so funny and now I have a picture in my mind of gassy cats tooting and the humans, especially the men in the house, getting blamed for it.
I will ask my Vet about the biscuits. Maybe she has heard of them. I'm sorry your poor kitty tangled with the other kitty. Poor baby! They always go right for the head. Why is that?
I hope your week is going well. I'm hanging in there. Keeping afloat.
You're the "Besties!"
Love and delicious tea (no cake for now),

Angel and Kirby said...

I like the kitty stamp, though he looks a little sad. It may just ve me. You have wonderful packages and cards in the mail. I am waiting on Crayola Fabric markers. My daughter and granddaughter want to make Tee shirts for the youth group foe a little extra cash.

I stopped by Lorianna's. I wish I had a great wonderful cure for the blue's. I would give it to my friends at times like this!

I hope your Mom is doing well.

Feronia said...

Some lovely bits and pieces there, Helena. And I definitely feel better when I don't eat chocolate - more energy in the long term - not that instand sugar rush and then crash. I keep eating it though!!

Chrissy said...

I love all your goodies via snail mail. How lovely!
Gorgeous cards and stamps.
I get more energy when I take Vitamin D rich Hair, Skin and nails vits, I think they must have iron in them.
And the luv bug stamp made me chuckle :)

Julie said...

What a wonderful selection of gifts and goodies, you are going to have so much fun. xx