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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A normal chore is a joyful change!

I finally did something normal, ordinary and routine: I mowed the front lawn!

It's its first cut of the year, so it was long, but the mower coped OK because the grass is quite thin- we have lots of moss. I don't see moss as a problem, and can't understand why some people apply moss killer etc. I'd like the whole lawn to be mossy! Imagine! Soft, green and spongy and thick, and never needing mowing. Oh! And the frogs like it too!

The smell of the cut grass was uplifting. Next door came out to get something from her car and said to me, "Ooo that smells lovely!"

I replaced two thyme plants, too. The old ones had gone to woodiness. These new ones have darker, less interesting leaves, but they'll have purple flowers.

There is a lot of weeding, but I'm leaving that for now.

And oh!!!!! Imagine my joy when I saw enormous buds on our wisteria for the very first time! It was planted in 2003, a year before we bought the house. We were told to wait about 7 years for flowers. Last year I had words with it. Look, I said, I'm sorry, but if you want to grow all over that bit of the wall you really do need to have more than a few straggly leaves to offer. I'm giving you one more year, you hear?

Well, they say you should talk to your plants. Not sure I've ever actually threatened one before...

Can't quite believe how pleased and excited I am. I think they will be like droplets of blue, like a Japanese brush painting. I can't wait! Is it a sign of middle age to be this happy over a wisteria?



Dragonstar said...

The garden can be such a source of joy. When I manage to get there I rejoice over every small bud! It puts happier things in my head.
Something happened to my small holly trees last summer, and they lost most of their leaves. I thought they were dying. Now they're covered with flower buds and look full of life. I felt ridiculously happy when I saw that!

Stardust said...

Now that's some wait there, awesome! Nothing like middle age silly, I'm just as excited over the Wisteria! Sight of buds always makes me excited! The flowers are going to perfume your garden like you never knew! You must share the pictures later!

Happy knowing that you managed to steal time for some normal chores, I know how much you love meddling in the garden.

Angel and Kirby said...

Just getting outside and fresh air is uplifting! We want to see pictures when the Wisteria blooms!

Feronia said...

Nothing wrong at all with taking in the little details and the 'ordinary' beauty all around you, Helena! It is amazing how satisfying and heartening it can be to do some everyday tasks, isn't it. I've found that lately too.