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Saturday, 29 September 2007

OK, don't rub it in!

I've had a week of sleepness nights and groggy days, thanks to a heavy cold. To make things worse, I have to try to sleep sitting up when I have a cold, or at least propped up, so that it has minimal impact on my asthma. Hence, I've not had much sleep lately, as I just can't sleep like that!

So it's sort of rubbing my face in it, to turn over my cat-a-day calendar and find this cheeky wee fella!

Don't you wish you could sleep anywhere, anytime, anyhow? -Like Mr Ginger, here? LOL!


Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Hey there, bonny lass - colds are miserable enough, without it tickling your asthma off, too! This is a time you darn well NEED your rest, so it's a triple-whammy, isn't it? I prescribe one box of wine, to be drunk each night until the symptoms subside.. if it doesn't knock you out, you'll be passed caring, anyway! ((hugs))

maxxo said...

me got sniffles too. and then my cat willow sleeps sound across my legs. i love his fat furry lump, but yep, it's not the best cure for nodding off yourself.

Plumpy said...

IT sounds as though you need a cat to keep you warm at night, so that you don't get a cold in the first place.

Thank you for visiting my blog darling. You are more than welcome to stare at pictures of me anytime (although I am not very comfortable with the competition I see on your blog).

In answer to your question, I find that I can sleep anywhere, anytime. Until Mum comes home!

Helena said...

Alas, Shrinky, I can't drink with the ant-Ds I'm on. They're really heavy on the liver, so it's a strict no-no!!

As for wine, it always brought on my asthma!

Bring on the chocolate peanuts, I say!

Helena said...

How I miss those nights when I would be woken up by a cold cat coming in from outside, smelling of fresh air. He'd slump up behind my knees and snuggle down to sleep with me.

My last remaining 2 cats (of 6!) live with my mum now, so I can only spoil and be spoiled by them about once or twice a month, when I get down to see her.


Helena said...

Ah Plumpy! Thankyou for prowling by! You are a very handsome cat indeed! When I am feeling better and more on top of things, I may even have to draw you!