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Friday, 21 September 2007

Strange Light

There's always a strange light in the evening here, this time of year. It only happens for a week or so. You get a sort of orange light. It lasts about half an hour, before it starts to grow dark.
I can't capture it with the camera. The last shot is out of focus, I know, but gives a bit of an idea of what it's like. In reality, the gravel, terracotta pots and the red hot pokers were all glowing with a sort of fluorescence that doesn't come out here.
Look at the red hot poke at the top there. Amazing colour. Yes, maybe that top photo is the closest after all.

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david mcmahon said...

Lovely shot, Helena,

Isn;t that strange - our climates are diametrically opposite, yet the red-hot pokers are in full bloom here too.

I was going to shoot some today but didn't have the time. However, if you Google a post of mine called (I think) ``Poker Phase'' from last September, you'll see what I mean.

Take care