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Friday, 16 November 2007


I took this pic' last summer, in Suffolk. We came across the sunflowers unexpectedly. We'd had no idea they were there! If you look closely, you can see a bumble bee at the bottom of the inner circle.

Today I read the following, which has helped me feel much better about turning 40:

"Start to learn the piano NOW? Are you MAD? Have you any idea how old I would be by the time I had learnt to play?!"

"Yes. The same age you'll be if you don't."


(Good, isn't it?)


Lynda (Granny K) said...

That's a great quote! 40? You're still a young 'un yet!

Mr Mans Wife said...

Hi there, I just found you through Calamity Jane via Bob T Bear.

I just had a look at your drawings and I think they're beautiful. Please don't give up! I wasted 19 years after having my confidence crushed at 16, and have only just started becoming creative again.

I totally agree that age is completely irrelevant - my auntie didn't start going to drawing classes until she had retired, and now she regularly sells her work.

Mr Mans Granddad decided to learn computer programming in his 80's!

Holly said...

I did a blog search for "bear drawings" and your blog came up. Because I wanted to see some bear drawings. I thought you might like to know. Your cat drawings are very nice too.

1st Mate said...

Hey, Amiga, wanna play a blogging game? Tag, you're it. Go to http://www.baddog.com/blog/2007/11/theresa-what-do-i-do-all-day-is-woman.html if you want in. If you don't, no problem.

1st Mate said...

Monday morning I'm going to an art class and start drawing again after two decades of not so much as a doodle! I realized I was avoiding it because my husband is an artist and there were potential competition issues! Duh!

Helena said...


Ahhh, thank you! I don't feel that 40 is young, but I can remember people saying that on my 30th, and feeling the same. Now when I look back I want to kick my young self up the bum. So I shall just go and do likewise.... oooof!

Helena said...

mr mans wife

Hullo! WOW! A friend of a friend of Bob's! I AM honoured! But yes, I must agree, I MUST get back to regular drawing.

I have a cat from someone to draw, and two nephews waiting. Time I did..... this time of year it is harder than ever to get going. Even with 'daylight bulbs' the light isn't too good for drawing, is it? (Excuses, excuses....)


Helena said...


WOW! I'm flattered that I came up on a search at all though! I HAVE done a bear drawing. I shall load it up after I've done this....


Helena said...

ist Mate

THANKS for the tag! I'll go and investigate....

...re the competition thing, yes, I feel the same at the mo'.... my partner is studying to be an accountant. My mum said to me the other day, "YOU could do that!" and I said, "Ah no, I couldn't."
But of course I could!
But then there's the competition thing.....


I might have a look and see what accountancy courses the OU does....


Lynn said...

Happy belated, Kiddo! ;)

A quote that keeps age in perspective for me:
"When I was 20, I worried about what everyone was thinking about me.
When I was 40, I stopped worrying about what they were thinking about me.
When I became 60, I realized they were never thinking about me."

The only person worried about turning 40, is the person turning 40. The rest of us already know if you are OLD or young, Kid! LOL

40 is easy! 41 was my bad year. LOL (Hope springs eternal.)

aka "Mommy" to Spauld and Ted T. who thinks anyone under 50 is a kid.