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Sunday, 11 November 2007

Off for a few days..

Fluffy has a strange liking for leather shoes. With her sister it was bags. I still have a black leather handbag that has scratch marks all down one side. I'll never part with it. It says, "Figs was here". But Fluffy's fetish is definitely of the shoe kind. Here she is, a few weeks ago, sitting on my shoes. She later slept on them for hours. I have to take spare footwear with me. The alternative is a visit to mum's spent indoors.

Ah well. I'm off later today to see her, and to take her back to the vet tomorrow. We might find out what the lumps were....

The other day I dreamt that she had got the all-clear. I woke up smiling and relieved. Then I remembered it was just a dream. I can't say how much I hope that one will come true. My brain is telling me not to worry. My gut is saying "Prepare."

Should be blogging again by the end of the week..... please keep good thoughts for Fluffy.

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Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh, Fluffy has got to be the most beautiful mog in the whole wide world. That picture is priceless..

Good luck Helena, I'm keeping everything crossed for you and yours. ((hugs))

CHEWY said...

Good thoughts for Fluffy.
My Mom's cat would lick anything similar to plastic wrap. Oh - and photographs! Lick, lick, lick.

The Mama said...

Ah, I love shoes just as much as she does!

You are more than welcome to put a link to my blog on your's. Sorry for the delay in response. I just discovered all the comments!

Helena said...


Fluffy is lovely, and very vocal, too! And she twitches her tail whenever she gets excited- like every time you approach the fridge!


Helena said...


glad I'm not the only one who adopts the loopy animals!


Helena said...

the mama,

Hoorray! Now I'll go and check and make sure that I did it! LOL!