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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

She's ok!

Hoorray! Fluffy got the all-clear! The lumps were just 'fatty lumps'. We have to keep an eye on whether they come back bigger or strangely shaped, but otherwise, it's all OK!! We're sooooooooo relieved and happy.

The poor thing had all these staples in her wound: No surprise then, that once they were removed she was singing and running about all over!

She is also getting very cheeky- this is her brother's bed, made from an old computer packing box and lined with an old quilt. We made it for him because he is so enormous we couldn't find a good one in the shops for him..... Fluffu decided that a visit to the vet gave her squatter's rights:
Never mind. Another old cover on a bench in the garden, and Scooter found a nice alternative in the sun:
I'm very happy that my little rogues have survived to purr another day!


Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Helena, I am so, so happy for you all, that is WONDERFUL news, absolutely brilliant. I'm sure you're still turning cartwheels right now. Those staples look menacing, but I'm sure she'll recover.

I love the pictures, especially the one of her hiding out in her brother's den - it looks so cozy in there (I wouldn't mind one of those for myself).

Chalkhills Collective said...

Hi, I'm really really pleased - an extra birthday present!

CHEWY said...

Woo-Hoo! I'm purr-fectly pleased to hear this good news.

Um... What did you do with the bag of staples?

Helena said...


Yes, I am sooooo relieved! It's a long time since I was in one of these 50/50 situations and it went well- if you see what I mean!

I agree, I'd like a den like that. ...Lots of chocolate inside, an old fashioned "teas-maid" machine, a few good PD James books and a hot water bottle... ahhh...


Helena said...


Yup! Exactly that!


Helena said...


um... I've kept them. They put them in a little bag for me. I put them in a box. There're a couple of air-gun bullets in there, too, from my old tabby Sam and my black and white, Figs. Neither still with me. Waaah. Still got Sam's collar, too. Strange souvenirs, huh?