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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

ABC Wednesday......

This week's letter is X,
like the X in the trellis around my Sweet Pea!

And now.... oh, any excuse to show you them!
These flowers are very delicate, but you wouldn't believe how strongly scented they are! You can smell them from a few feet away.

I've never been able to grow these successfully before. These are all from one tiny pot which I spotted on the 'reduced' trolley on the way out of the Garden Centre. They were 49p. I took pity on them and bought them. I put them straight into this larger pot, filled it with organic compost, put the pyramid trellis on top and hoped for the best. I didn't imagine they will fill the space, as they were just a few tiny shoots, barely alive.

I love them. They have always been a favourite. It's very special to have some of my own.


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esnorway said...

nice x good pics

Denise said...

Hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! You made it!
I ADORE sweet peas and like you say the perfume is awesome. I have some pinks in my garden and brought a couple into the house....wonderful smell! You can keep your house sprays give me real flowers any day! I would love to get some sweet peas sorted out...a must for next year!

BumbleVee said...

I have a sweet pea plant that I bought and still have not managed to get it in the ground...perhaps I will try it in a pot instead...

Blue said...

X was a lovely xcuse to show of your pretty sweetpeas.
I too love their delicacy & fragrance.
And, as you say they are favourites of yours, you've by accident almost joined in on my own new Thursday meme, its called Favourite Things!
Bob will love it this week, it's all teddybears.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

It might be loose connection for 'X' but I love Sweet Peas. These and Night Scented Stock are much loved.

Dragonstar said...

I love sweet peas, but I think you're wise to keep them in a tub. I had some in a border last year, and they flollopped (I remembered that word!) all over the place. That conical trellis of yours is just perfect.
Thanks for posting this wonderfully-scented X

Shrinky said...

Sweet peas are very special to me, my front garden in Putney was my pride and joy when they bloomed.

You have a way with plants, birds, people. (Hugs)

CherryPie said...

They are beautiful :-) I love sweet peas :-)

VP said...

Mmmmmm! Sweet peas - I can smell them from here, lovely.

Kostas said...

Hi Helena
I believe that all these your photographs that you are shared together us, making our eyes and our souls see in point of fact beautiful peaceful and without violence pictures!
For your work this personally i only that I can make be I give you award! What is found in current my post!

leslie said...

What a lovely post - and I adore sweet peas. Have been thinking about putting some in my garden, too. :D

i beati said...

sweet peas just make me gidy and feel good all over./ They will not grow where I live so I will visit yours often