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Monday, 21 July 2008

Difficult choice! What would YOU do???

I went to the cupboard for the last square of chocolate. I unfolded the wrapper, and out flew a little moth. One of those little grey dusty ones. What would you do?

(a) wrap it up again and put it back in the cupboard for your other half to find and eat
(b) leave it out on the side for the poor moth to finish
(c) throw it away
(d) eat it

To find out what I did, read my entry under 'comments'. Don't forget to say what you'd have done!


Helena said...

I ate it!!!!
Ah, come on, it WAS chocolate.
The next day I had a bad stomach and had to keep running to the loo!

Steve Cotton said...

I would have tossed it. But not because of the moth; I cannot stand chocolate. If I think that through, I would not have unwrapped it and discovered the moth, and because I live alone, the moth's kin would have had to finish it off. This is beginning to sound like the House That Jack DID NOT Build.

Happy LOL Day said...

I would have tossed it in the garden to see if it would bloom into a chocolate tree! :)

You art is lovely hope you don't mind me slipping that "off topic comment" in here.. ;) I love your tree pix too.. :)

BumbleVee said...

I'd have tossed it !! urp.... ! makes my stomach feel not quite right just thinking about it.... 'course, it's been not quite right for a few weeks now, so what's new....

Helena said...

OK you're all putting me to shame now, aren't you?!!

Blue said...

Dont worry Helena, I'm with you I'd have eaten it - LOL!

Dilly said...

Dilly thro way choklit, eet bug insted!


Denise said...

I'm with Steve.....I can not eat chocolate! I suffered from migraine as a teenager and it was in the days of no food tolerance test business...it was discovered later! Now if I eat chocolate I am sick! I do however have a tendency to ADORE fresh baked pasties........
The lovely warm pastry,
the crunch of the onions..
Come to mummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Dragonstar said...

Helena, if I went for the chocolate in the first place, I wanted it! I would not let a moth deter me! I'd have dusted it gently and eaten it.
After all, in this house it wouldn't be old or out of date.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Dearest Helena! SO very nice to see you again my friend. I know you need a cuddle so come by for a sip of tea anytime and I will serve you the finest chocolate without moths:) Please bring BLUE with you too as she is my dearest cousin!
I will try to catch the mousie with a humane trap and will link to your W for Woodmouse post today! Ver sweet how you cater to them with hazelnuts. We have a hazelnut tree and I will bait the trap with peanut butter!
Soft hugs from your Miss Peach

Lynda (Granny K) said...

It depends on whether the chocolate looked appetising or if it looked definately 'past it'. If I really needed a chocolate fix I would blow on it, then wipe it with a tissue, maybe run it under the tap even! Then I WOULD JOLLY WELL EAT IT! THEN I would try and squash the moth if it was in the house because they eat mohair bears!
(I keep chocolate in the fridge, by the way, it's harder to eat and that makes it last longer!)

Anonymous said...

Throw it away.
When I was about 11, at my Aunt's house, I poured myself a bowl of cereal and little black things were moving in it. Ew! My Grandmother, who was visiting also, had just finished eating a bowl of what she thought was raisin cereal. She wasn't wearing her specs. (tee-hee)

VP said...

Definitely eat it. Nothing gets in the way of chocolate :D

Blue said...


It's your turn to get a direct Award of me ...
I just think what you do is so creative.


Sandy Kessler said...

I would throw it . though its tempting ..see calamity is with us a little God Bless!!

CherryPie said...

Usually C unless I was desperate, then it would have been d. As you said it WAS chocolate ;-)

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

*laughing* You are the brave soul. As much as I LOVE chocolate, I think I would have let the moth continue to enjoy it,
alone. :))

VP said...

Oooh just noticed you've linked to me. Thank you so much :D

Lorianna said...

Hi Helena, it's lovely to meet you! Miss Peach sent me over via her blog.
I am afraid of moths! One hid in my shoe one time and it bit my toe! I had a very swollen and sore spot for quite a while. I love chocolate dearly, but I would have thrown it out I'm afraid. :)
Your blog is so nice! My you are creative and that is something I really admire.
I notice you mention painful wrists, fingers and elbows. Me too! Mine is from Rheumatoid Arthritis. my fingers are throbbing this very minute, but I wanted to visit blogs so badly today!
Take care and have a lovely, happy day. You must tell me about your kitty sometime.

Chuck fka: Meanie said...

Hi Dillyz mawmaw!
Me wud ov eetun duh mawph! hehehe

Helena said...

I see you too have a black cat in your wee photo! :^)

I didn't know that moths bit!! Now I'm scared! I keep the light on at night because I don't like the dark, now I'm scared I'll be bitten in the night! Oh dear!

YEs, I have arthritis too. I find it comes and goes re what joints are bad at any one time. Right now it is more my lower back and hip. A little while ago it was my elbow. Last week my hands were bad. It varies! Just when you think you have adapted and got used to catering for it, it changes!

This warmer weather helps.

My 2 kitties are Scooter (huge, male, black) and his sister FLuffy (huge, female, black, fluffy). LOL.
But these last few years they live with my mum. At first it was cos we were renting and couldn't have cats. After 6 months we had a place, but she didn't want me to take them cos she loved having them there so much. WAAAH!

I visit every 2 or 3 weeks (different county to drive to. I buy their food online and have it delivered to her (Scoot has special stuff for arthritis and being fat, Fluff has special stuff for renal failure) AND I pay the vet. So I do the dullbit and she gets the cuddles. Hey ho!

They are always pleased to see me though and go all daft. Scoot has no teeth left, and purrs so much he dribbles.

I shall have to do a post all about them!!!

I'll nip over and see you when I can! I really must go to bed- it's gone 3am again!



Helena said...

Chuck, I knew it, I KNEW it! Dilly would too. She said, she would have melted down the chocolate and dipped it in it!

Helena said...


I didn't expect such a great response to this!

Thanks everyone!!!!

ChrisJ said...

Such great comments! You have a very creative audience!

joanne wardle said...

I'd have rinsed it under the tap and then eaten it! lol