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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Is it someone else's turn yet?

Just a wee update in case you think I've disappeared :)

Sorry for lack of posts. I feel so tired and grotty!

I still have the labrynthitis- 4th week of it.
And 3rd week of a bad cold and cough, too.
But also, I now have an infection in my OTHER ear, so I have anti-biotic & steroid drops for that.
Oh! And the little matter of a chest infection, which is making my asthma worse, so I have anti-biotics for that.

I am constantly tired and dizzy, and my chest hurts from coughing. Surely it is someone else's turn by now?!!!! -Not that I would wish this on anyone, I'm sure. Hmmm.... or am I.... a bully or two from my past, perhaps?!!!! LOL! Oh don't laugh, it hurts!

Hope you are faring better. Take care!!!


Angel said...

I am so sorry tiy are feeling so bad. I get those same issues every year, usually in February!

Roz said...

Oh I feel for you Helena, I had what you had back before Christmas. I didn't think a sore throat could last as long, lol.

Love Roz x

Emily said...

Poor you, Helena. Hope you feel much better soon. My asthma is playing up too - in Australia. Must be something in the air...!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

oh i had that yakky labyrinthitis....made me heave. Stemetils work a treat xx

Thank you also for your wonderful blog comments - a real treat and a nice read. Hugs xx

Julie said...

Oh no, poor you Helena xoxo I think it's time you gave the germs to one of those bullies. Sending you lots of get well hugs oxoxoxoxo

Pinklilac said...

Oh Helena I feel for you and hope you are feeloing a lot better very soon. Keep as weel as you can.
Lots of hugs for you Linda

i beati said...

darn any word on Calamity Jane ??

Helena said...

Thanks everybody-
ibeati, I'll email you!