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Monday, 2 March 2009

UK Art Raffle- February entry

I'm taking part in UK Art Raffle. Click on the link for more info, but basically lots of us make something each month, based on a theme chosen by the organiser. February's theme was "TREES".

We all send our piece to the organiser's address, who randomly picks a winner (names in a hat sort of thing). Then that winner is sent the entire collection, the whole group's work, for that month!

I only got my membership confirmed last week, and the deadline was Saturday, so I had to rush this. Here's my entry, a watercolour, which I've then made and embossed a mount for:
I made a wee card out of the oval I cut out:It's ok, but the standard in this group is enormously high, so I hope it doesn't look out of place alongside theirs. With more time, I might have taken a less literal approach. Never mind!

**more than one post today, btw, please scroll down!!!!**


self taught artist said...

nice work!!!

Angel said...

That is very nice work. I find we are usually harderon ourselves than others are!

Julie said...

You don't need to have any worries, Helena. Great interview too, very thoughtful and some good ideas in it for blogging.

candy said...
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candy said...

hey! I just used that same skeleton leaf in my mini notebook! Except yours are way nicer! Great job!

Thanks for your wonderful comment!


Sandy Kessler said...

your artwork awakens something in me- it's simplicity, art , and a kindred spirit all rolled into one- lovely your color pallette.

rozzy said...

Hi Helena
thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving a message for me... i couldnt PM you via Trimcraft I think you have PMs blocked on your settings, but I wanted to let you know how to enter teh challenge, your lovely card wont be counted unless its in your gallery tehre. i have left you a couple of links for you to check, but just shout if you need a hand
hugs rozzy xx

Helena said...

ooo! Thanks Rozzy!!!

Helena said...


em, thanks!! The colours change every time I do a pic like this :)

Self Taught Artist,



Oh biy your pic looks soooo much like Figs, the b&w cat I had years ago, it always makes me smile to see you as it's like Figs popping in to check on me :)
Em, yes, I was once told I was my own worst enemy. I lose count of the poems, stories and pictures that go through the shredder.


Ah! You found the interview! Thanks! I was wondering if anyone would. LOL!!!


I find the skeleton leaves break really easily or else I would probably use them more.
Yours is a different species, a bigger one, beech, I think, and has a nice shape.

Shirley said...

Forgot to say your last card was lovely for him and these are so elegant and beautiful!!