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Monday, 23 March 2009

A troublesome stamp.....

This stamp was a freebie but I really love the image and was determined to make a card with it.
Unfortunately it was one of those troublesome ones that I just couldn't get to stamp properly. Here are some attempts....(!)Doesn't really show in the photo's - or perhaps it will if you click on them and enlarge them- but there was always a section that didn't come out, no matter what I did!

Also, I really wanted to use my new ProMarkers :) but found out the hard way that these make the ink run, even if it says it's permanent, waterproof ink, because they are alcohol pens, Helena, and that's what they do- D'OH!!! So I have now ordered a Stazon ink pad, which should be ok with them.... meanwhile, I stamped and embossed the image (above photo) and coloured over the embossed lines. I used a ProMarker Blender to make the grass fade away a bit at its edge, then rubbed an inkpad round the edge of the card.

-(PAH! The woman in the craft shop in town said that you don't get blender-pens for ProMarkers and her chirpy-boy sidekick said I wouldn't need them PAH! When I went online to seek out colours they didn't have, I found the blender!)

I made this one into a card, but I'm not too sure about it. So it remains in my box, unused and not listed in the shop. I don't think it's good enough to sell - bit patchy on the girl's hair- but it would be nice to write a note to someone on, accompanying a pressie, say. So this is in my 'mine' box. LOL!

Don't ask about the monkey nut on the coffee table, here. I have no idea what it's doing there. We buy them to take to the park and feed to the squirrels, but...????

Still wanting to play with my new Markers, I decided to flip the procedure: I scribbled colours over a piece of card (as with the background layer on the card above) and then stamped on top. I used a ColorBox Fluid Chalk inpad for this (in French Blue) and er.... it stamped the image perfectly! Oops! Ah well, I guess this proves it isn't the stamp, it's me!!! LOL!
I inked round the edge of the card with the same inkpad.
I really like this! So I used it to make a card with, and decided to write to an old friend, Mikiko, with it. She wrote to me at Christmas and I owed her something.... she is very good at Japanese paper folding so I wanted to do something special....

You can get free template downloads like this from www.byDonovan.com

I mounted the image on an A5 piece of purple card, and added some glittery bits with a clear Sakura Sparkle pen.

I made a wrap for the card by punching a strip of vellum and securing it with a shaped paperclip.
This is how the folder closes... then it went into an envelope for sending. I hope she likes it :)

I'm off for dinner now. I'm cooking chilli :)
(TIP: add a few teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa! YUM! It really helps lift it.)

Then I need to update the shop. Here's a taster of what's going in:
Thanks again for all your comments! I love reading them :)


Pinklilac said...

Hi Helena wow what a day you have had with your stamp but the end result is beautiful.
Hugs Linda

Anonymous said...

Hiya! Glad you persevered with the stamp, it was worth it!

About acetate...no I haven't had any issues with finger prints (at least I haven't noticed any yet, lol)..and there is potential for issues with static but I haven't been that fussed with the sheets I've got, maybe there are a few specks if you look closely but hey :-) I think the main thing is to choose acetate that is quite sturdy, that really makes a difference as you want acetate that stands up properly when folded... Dulc xx

Sandi McBride said...

Looks pretty darned good to me!

david mcmahon said...

Helena, you are a star. You talents are myriad.

But you know how often I've told you that over the last two and a bit years .....

Shirley said...

I love all of your images. I have found that when working with acrylic blocks especially, that stampin on a stack of paper helps the stamp ink more evenly. I don't know if this will help. I couldn't tell where yours wasn't stamping though. Hee hee You did well. What a lovely bunch of cards are going to your shop too!

Gattina said...

Wow ! you did a beautiful work !

cats whiskers said...

Hi Dear lovely stamp, Stazon will be no good with the ProMarkers dear you need Memento Tuxedo Black, you will find that Stazon still smudges. Hope this helps
Hugs Jacqui x

Chrissy said...

Hi, loveley blog, I especially enjoyed looking through your art....we seem to like similar subjects :)

Roz said...

You busy little bee you! The colouring is fab!! Love all of your cards.

Nip over to my blog, you have a hug and a glass of lemonade.

Love Roz x

Lorianna said...

Pretty, pretty! I had an awful time with a new stamp the other day too! It's an adorable House Mouse stamp and the middle of it just wouldn't come out. My husband with his steady hand helped me fill it in with pencil, then I colored it all in.
Yours looks so, so much better! :)
I looked at your recent picture and your eyes are absolutely amazing Helena! You are so pretty. I know you're not fishing for complements, but really you are a lovely woman sweetie. My cheeks are far chubbier due to Prednisone. :( Well, that and my Scottish genes, bless my Grandmum's heart. :)
You would truly send me the Gracie Notecards? Oh, but I really should pay you! Perhaps in chocolate? :) Good quality that won't melt away en route. Thank you so much! I still can't get over how much she looks like my Tookie...
Well, I'm rattling on again. I will pop back soon.
Big Hugs,

Dragonstar said...

I love the folder for that card, it's a brilliant idea!

Lori said...

your grouping of cards is wonderful...looks like you are really productive...i really like the card with pink on the far right, very pretty...
your problem with the stamp? that is what happens to me every time i try to use stamps...i just cannot get the hang of using them...i love how they look too...they just don't like me i guess...lol...

Sandy Michelle said...

The markers you use- hide the discrepansies in the lovely stamp! Enjoy your chili! Thanks for the cocoa tip!

Sandy xox

Dulcie said...

Thanks for your comment..yes the shop is actually bigger than it looks in the photo, it goes round the corner as it's made of two rooms plus classroom...definitely filled with a LOT of temptation! Dulc x

Ying Pang, said...

great card, so special! Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.

Tab said...

Stunning work, sweetie! That stamp is beautiful and you have coloured it superbly.
Hugs Tab xxx

Helena said...

Thanks, Linda :)


THanks for coming by to answer my acetate question!! Always nice to see you her :) I love your blog and your stamps!!


Hullo David!!! Thanks (blush) :)


Thanks, Sandi!!! I love your avatar :)


Shirley... thanks for the advice. You've reminded me that I do in fact have a sponge pad specially for that purpose. D'oh!!!!!


THank yu :) I lov eyor cat paintings I'll be by again soon to admire them again...



THank yu SO MUCH for this!!! I had already ordered the Stazon :( but not to worry, it is good for other things (and smells of almonds! Yum!) I have managed to get a little dew drop memento and yep, you're right :) it works perfectly!!!



Thank you for visiting, I hope you can come back- I shall be over to investigate our similar tastes soon :) !!!



Oh! Oh! How exciting!!! Sorry to take so long... hope the lemonade hasn't gone flat :)


Lorianna, I love the House Mouse stamps so I hope you managed to get it work properly. I have posted your notelets to you today :)



I like it too. Different. Hey I have a new dragon stamp, I must show you!!!



I have a cat picture just like that on my calendar this month- with a pink hat on and everything HAHAHAHA! Brilliant!


Just don't make my mistake -using sweetened hot chocolate! HAHAHA! It has to be unsweetened cocoa :) and it makes it darker and yum!



TOOOOO Much temptation!!!!


Ying Pang,

Thank you! It means a lot as your cards are so lovely.



Thanks!!! I never fel I can do stamps justice. I think this is why I keep doing it- to try to get it done really well. Knowing me, once I like what I do I'll stop. LOL!

freebird said...

I think the stamp is a pretty one and worth the extra work it takes. Your cards look very nice. Hope your friend likes the one she is getting. It's good to have a box with some just for you. I made a big batch of note cards for myself and have used them all up. I don't make cards as a rule so I make a batch when I need some. Putting one or two in your box as you go seems a better way.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog while I was not posting much due to my eye surgery. It made me feel good to know someone was checking in.

Helen said...

Glad you persevered with the stamp - the end result is fab!

Thanks for linking to my candy - good luck!

Helen x

i beati said...

mystical and lovely for sure Sandy

Helena said...

THank you all for the comments :) I'll be blog-hopping soon, I promise!