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Friday, 13 March 2009

Papertake Weekly Challenge

Papertake Weekly have a card challenge that runs from Monday to Sunday. This week's layout sketch is this:Here is my interpretation:
This is a larger card than I ususally make. I just took an A4 sheet of card and folded it in two. Now I have to make a envelope!!!!

It's also much more pink and girlie than usual.
I had my partner's little niece in mind when I made it :)
It isn't her birthday for a long while though... I suppose she was just an inspiration. LOL!

Erm... think I messed up the eye there a bit (on the left). Rats. Never mind. I'll do better next time. I like the ruffles! I did ballet when I was little. I never got to dress up like this though and I really wanted to!


  • The ballerina images are downloadable from Sketching Stamper.
  • Last month I finally succumbed to the lure of Letraset ProMarker pens :) and bought a starter pack. I used these to colour the bodice and hair.
  • I used Derwent water-colour pencil on the ruffles and skin.
  • Then I picked out details with a clear Sakura Stardust pen.
  • The background paper is Laura Ashley.
  • The papers layered behind the image are Papermania.
  • The ribbon is from my local haberdashery again, 50p for 10 metres :)
  • The tag is a sticker from a freebie pack that came with a magazine, stuck onto paper and card.
This is the inside of the card..........
apart from the skin, which is water-colour pencil, this is all ProMarkers with added sparkle on the hair-band:
Here is the back:
I did enjoy making this card!!!

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Health update:

Went to the doc's today. He said he thinks I have Labrynthitis, which sounds like something out of The Hobbit. It's a middle-ear viral infection. Bleagh!

I was hoping it would be infection, rather than virus, so that a course of anti-biotics would clear it up. When you're told it's a virus, it's then you realise how much you take anit-biotics for granted! -There's nothing to actually clear it up, but he prescribed something that should take down the inflammation in the middle ear and hopefully speed up the healing.

The bad news is that this condition typically lasts 3 - 8 weeks. OMG!!!!!! THEN he said that SOME people have it for years. WHAT??? How can you live with this dizziness and nausea for that long? How do people DO anything? LOL!!!! I managed to do the laundry this week but not much else. The nausea means I keep having to lie down! I was meant to go to the Post Office but didn't dare in case someone would see me walking wobbly and think I was drunk.

Hey ho! One good thing that has come from this- my ears have been 'blocked' for years. I mean, I can't make them 'pop'. They are completely 'closed' and it even means I have reduced hearing in my right ear. But this doc has referred me to an ENT specialist now, and even booked the appointment then and there. It'll be 21st April. I hope the labrynthitis has gone by then, but if it isn't, then at least I know I'll be seeing a specialist for that too.

Repeated thanks for your comments, emails and messages!!!!


debby4000 said...

Gorgeous card, love the colours and fab image. Hope you feel better soon or at least less dizzy.

Debbie said...

A beautiful card Helena, I love the digi images and your colouring is beautiful.
Sorry to hear you are still not feeling well and I hope you will be feeling better soon.
Have a great weekend!
Debbie x

Shrinky said...

Oh God - ugh - poor you, that's horrible! I sure hope it clears up soon for you. Don't worry about being seen out wobbling - drink a bottle of wine first (might as well be hung for a wolf as a sheep) you'll be well past caring what anyone thinks, then (wink).

Your cards are absolutely wonderful Helena, such care and talent you have!

Pinklilac said...

Hi Helena Beautiful card and I do hope your feeling better soon. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a message.
Hugs Linda

Dragonstar said...

Lovely card. I don't think there can be many girls who wouldn't want a ballet card.

I'm glad you're getting proper professional advice about your dizziness. It must be quite horrible for you.

candy said...

I love the ballerina cards! Beautiful!!!

Glad you went to see a doc. Labrynthitis?? Yikes! I've never heard of that, but I'm glad you have a specialist now!


Donna said...

Gorgeous card Helena and such a beautiful image :) Donna x

Julie said...

It's a beautiful card Helena. I'm glad to hear that you will be seeing a specialist soon. My mum has had labyrinthitis but I don't think it lasted as long as 8 weeks. I hope you improve soon.

Dolly said...

Great colouring - love how you've decorated the inside too! The dizziness must be awful hope you're feeeling better soon x

Angel said...

That is about what mu Dr. tole me. Mine comes and goes! I usuly only notice it at bedtime! Then the room spinns when I lay down. It lasts a couple of days and then goes away for a couple of months!

Sandy Michelle said...

Lovely cards! I know what you mean about wishing your labrynthitis wasn't a virus! When my kids are really sick I pray it's bacterial so that they could take medicine. I hope it clears up soon. My son has an ENT and they really know their stuff!

Sandy xox

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Sounds awful! Hope it goes quickly. Love the card! :o)

Helena said...

THanks, everyone, I love seeing your comments on here!!!

Cardmaking Galore said...

Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well - hope you feel better soon.

YOur cards are really lovely!

steph said...

This is lovely! Thanks for joining us for the PTW challenge!