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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Another new stamp from Switzerland!

..... yeah I know, but I couldn't resist him. He's called Draco and he's a Whiff Of Joy dragon!!

In the above photo, the one made into a card was water-coloured, the other was done with my new Letraset ProMarkers. I did the scales on this one by colouring him pastel green, then going over this with the blender, then splodging dots in a darker green quickly before it dried. The effect looks like fuzzy felt. Click on the pic's and enlarge, to see what I mean.

I made that second one into an Easter card!
"Please can I have an Easter card with a dragon on it" wasn't the easiest request ever made but I really like the result!
I've trimmed the wings with a clear Sakura sparkle pen so that they shimmer. Pity it doesn't come out in the photo...

I think he's very cute! I'm glad I found him as I know so many people who like dragons!!


Angel said...

Dragons are cool!

Julie said...

He looks a very sweet dragon. I know somebody who may be a little jealous, or maybe she'll just fall in love? Has Dilly seen him yet?

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Dragon is very elegant. I love how her right hind leg is positioned! Fnarrrrr...

Helena said...


I agree, dragons are way cool!!!


I've used the same image for her b'day card!!!

Miss Peach,

Oh yes! I see what you mean! Very elegant!

béatrice de Lausanne. said...

I am from Switzerland.
Had your blog throught a lady comment on Margaret 'blog. Please go on mine :

Best Regard. Béatrice de lausanne.