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Saturday, 4 April 2009

A Christening card, worries for Fluffy.......and off to Lincoln we go!

My second stitched card.......

I didn't expect it to be half as difficult as it was; it took a whole evening!
I made it for one of the girls next door to us. She is 12, and had been asking to be baptised, and so she was, last Sunday.

*** *** *** *** ***

Falling over in public...!!

I'm still battling the labrynthitis! It's getting better. Sort of. I have fewer dizzy spells but they are longer and 'stronger' when they come.

On Friday I actually fell over in town when one took me completely by surprise. I was VERY low afterwards, in tears, because no one came to help or to see if I was ok. It was market day in Colchester, so very busy. There were people standing by and others walking along. I was tutted at because I was obviously in someone's way, down there on the pavement, slumped next to the bin that I'd just hit my head on. But not one person asked if I was ok. Even if it was because they thought I was drunk or something, surely they could have asked from a 'safe distance'???? It hurts because I know that I would help, and have done in the past.

This sort of incident makes me feel like 98% of people in the world are ignorant bastards. It makes me feel like it isn't a world I want to be in. I had shaken it off by this morning, luckily. There have been times when the downer would have lingered much longer.

*** *** *** *** ***

Off to Lincoln, and meeting a blogger...

We're off to Lincoln tomorrow. My partner has bought a franchise and we're off to the company's head office Monday to Wednesday. Because it is 3 1/2 hours' drive away, we're staying Sunday and Wednesday night, too.

I've been to Lincoln a few times before, as my dad lived in a nearby village, Metheringham, for a while. I shall enjoy walking round the cathedral again- apparently our hotel is very near to it, so I hope the weather stays mild so that we can have a few evening walks there.

There is a shop there called Omnipuss Art- the clue as to why I want to go there is in the name! It's also a stockist of artwork by Lea Goldberg- click on the link and have a look at her gallery!
And of course, I have already searched online to see where Lincoln's craft shops are :)

The big highlight of the trip for me, though, will be stopping off in Grantham on the way, to meet Julie!!!! It isn't very often you get to meet a blogger friend in 3D!! I am excited, happy and a bag of nerves, all in equal quantities!

We're taking the laptop but I'm not sure if I'll be able to blog. Maybe! I'm going to take my pencils and watercolours with me and see if I can do a picture or two in the evenings.

*** *** *** *** ***

Fluffy at the vets again :(

On Tuesday, please think good thoughts for Fluffy, as she will be going under a general anaesthetic again. This time she'll be having X-Rays to see if she has any tumours.... her calcium levels are high, and sometimes a tumour is the cause. I had a horrible dream recently in which the X-Ray revealed not one tumour, but lots of little ones, which were inoperable. I woke up heartbroken and the feeling lingered for ages....

Fluffy on Saturday, in her new birthday bed! Can you tell which end is where????

Whilst sedated she is going to have her fur de-matted, which will involve some shaving too. In all her 16 years her fur has been beautiful, silky soft and knot free. Over the last month it has gone matted and dry. We've no idea why....

At the same time, she has become suddenly even more friendly than usual and seeks out laps and cuddles. This will make it even harder for us if the news is bad on Tuesday.

Please keep things crossed for her...

*** *** *** *** ***
Have a good week, and see you when we get back!!


Angel said...

Helena, We are sending purrs and prayers for Fluffy! We hope is is good news. We are also sending prayers for your health. It sucks when people are so rude and afraid to assist a fellow human in need! Has the Dr. given you any further treatment? This is going on a long time!

Enjoy your trip!

pencilportraits said...

Oh Helena what a week, sorry for your fall, my Mum is the same, people are so frightened to help simply because they fear they will be injured or worse, you are the only one who knows you won't do any harm and just want help. I'm afraid it's a fact of life these days so hope you are better now. The card is lovely by the way, I'm sure it will be worth all the effort when it is received and as for poor Fluffy I've got my fingers crossed.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh dearest Helena! What a stunning card for the little girl. God Bless her!
I will keep my paws crossed for your sweet Fluffy...I know how upsetting this dream must have been for you. I pray all will be well...going under is no fun. Poor sweet little fur girl.
You know I am just outraged that you fell and no one came to help you! OUTRAGED!!!!!!! This would never happen in the US. For all that we are not...we still are friendly and helpful! When Blue was attacked by that aweful man and she fell down, no one helped her either!! I hate to think of Englanders as unchivalrous (sp?).
I hope a good cup of tea and a trip out of town will restore your faith in human kind. Know you are very loved by us at the cozy cottage.
XOXOX to BobT Bear and the fab royal highness princess dilly

Julie said...

OoH Helena, how awful that nobody helped you or even asked if you were ok. It is a sad reflection on our society that people are to worried to offer help. I hope you are feeling much better today (despite the excitement :o) )

Your card is stunning! The stitching is absolutely beautiful. Well done!

I will be thinking about your poor pusscat on Tuesday. It is very worrying when your special ones are poorly.

Thank you for linking to Lea, I din't know her work before but it's really uplifting. I shall have to have a trip to Lincoln and see it in the flesh.

Debbie said...

Your stitched card is beautiful Helena...I know it took you a while to make but it was well worth it and I am sure that your young neighbour appreciated all your hard work and thoughtfulness.
I hope all goes well for little fluffy and I am sending hugs and healing vibes!
I am absolutely disgusted that no one came to your aid when you fell Helena and I can understand why you were so upset. I get this all the time when I am out with Jack...he often has agressive outbursts and I struggle to keep him under control and like you mentioned all I get is lots of tutting...people obviously think he just being naughty...they should just take the time to ask instead of jumping to their own conclusions!!
Thank you so much for your beautiful Easter card...I recievd it yesterday...you really are one od the sweetest bloggers I know. Hope you have a great time in Lincoln and meeting up with Julie.
{{hugs}} Debbie x

Emily said...

Helena, I am so sorry to hear that no one came to lend you a hand when you had a fall. That's horrible! It leaves you with a bad feeling, doesn't it.

That card is just beautiful. What a lucky girl she is to have such a thoughtful neighbour.

Enjoy your week. All good thoughts to Fluffy.


JB's Big World said...

Beautiful card again!
We had no idea about your dizzy spells. Hope they don't come too often.
We are purring for Fluffy so hard. We hope she is ok!

i beati said...

people laugh but when I demat my cats Sweetheart in particular it actually takes and entire day

Kirsty Wiseman said...

man, that was a massive post!
Sorry you couldnt download my papers from CB. insteda have this link to get them :)
Much love, Me xx