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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Update on Fluffy

I'm still in Lincoln, but rang the vet today. Mum took Fluffy in this morning to have her X-rays and sort out her fur.

When I discovered they were keeping her in overnight, I naturally thought the worst. Maybe 16 was too old for a cat to go under general anaesthetic?

But I needn't have worried, as they explained that this was just a precaution. In fact, they did a blood test before putting her under, and discovered- to everyone's amazement- that her kidney function is now registering as 'better than normal'. Previously it has been down, and she has been on an especially sensitive, strict, renal-diet for over a year now. Well it seems to have done the job.

The X-rays revealed no tumours and no kidney stones. This was an enormous relief! So why the elevated calcium???

Here's the bad news; the vet said that she has the worst spondylosis of the spine that he has ever seen.

This was a huge surprise to us, as Fluffy shows no symptoms.

Typical symptoms are: stiffness, unable or reluctant to climb or jump e.g., onto a chair, clawing or clubbing of feet and difficulty walking, pain and yelping in pain.

In contrast, despite having at least 2 beds, Fluffy's favourite spot is one of the armchairs. Note I don't say what part: she just OWNS this particular armchair. She jumps up on it and curls up (surely you wouldn't do that with a stiff spine?) or sits on the arm and has a wash. She loves being groomed (surely you wouldn't if your bones ached) and jumps up onto the back of the chair and yeows to ask for a brush.

Anyway, so, me and the vet were equally stunned with surprise to know she not only has this degenerative arthritis of the spine, but she has the worst case he has seen.

Regarding her hair, the nurses have managed to de-knot and de-matt much of it with combs, so only a few shaved patches! We were worried about this, as Fluffy IS quite vain. When it's windy she faces into the wind and looks so angry at it, for daring to displace a few hairs.

And so poor Fluff is sleeping over night at the vet's.

They are quite good about this. Whenever a pet is staying in, a member of the team will stay overnight in the flat above the surgery, and check on the pet now and then. So Fluff is in the safest hands right now. She has her own den, heated, with a nightlight nearby too.

They are keeping her on fluids overnight so that the anaesthetic is continually flushed out of her system. This cares for her liver and kidneys. It's great that the kidney function is back, wonderful! But the raised calcium could still be dodgy on her liver. Overnight on a drip will prevent her getting dehydrated too, I suppose, as at home she might just sleep it off and forget to get up for some water.

No. I'm no so worried about Fluff. I'm worried about Mum!!! She is nibbling her nails down, worrying about poor Fluff! I have spoken to her on the phone a few times and told her, try not to worry, especially as Fluff is probably fast asleep!

She picks her up tomorrow.

I am in Lincoln till Thursday night but I'll call her again tomorrow and make sure all is well. I sure wish I could give them both a hug!

As for me, I am eating so much! The company has paid for our hotel, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, so we are making the most of the a la carte menu. Scrumptious! Lincoln has enormously steep hills, so I thought we could have a long walk after dinner and work some of the food off- then Luvbug produced a cake from his pocket, which he'd sneaked out of the hotel! So there I was, climbing the steepest hill of my life, snaffling a fondant fancy. NOT quite the effect I had in mind! LOL!!!


Angel said...

Glad to hear Fluffy's kidneys are doing better but sorry about her spine. I agree that if it is that bad, you should be seeing symptoms. Glad you are having a good trip to Lincoln! Sounds like a lovely place!

Emily said...

Pleased to hear that things are looking better for Fluffy, though sorry to hear about the complications with her spine. Glad to hear too that you're having a nice break in Lincoln. I have just received my lovely Easter card from you - thank you Helena! I am amazed it got to Australia so quickly. And the Celtic cross is beautiful - thank you :)

Roz said...

Happy to hear that Fluffy is doing ok and on the mend, it's always a worry when animals have to stay in the vets.
Ecstatic about the cake too!! Get him to nick another one today!!

Love Roz x

Julie said...

Helena, I am so pleased that the news about Fluffy was not as awful as you feared. I was thinking about her and you yesterday. Sorry to hear about the spondylosis but maybe they can medicate for the excess calcium now.

Enjoy your day in Lincoln tomorrow.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Thank you for the lovely Easter card, Helena, it's beautiful.
Sorry to hear about Fluffy being in the wars. Hope all goes well.
I'm posting Bob's jumper tonight, also in the envelope is the pattern for your mum.
Hope all goes well with the new venture. Hugs, Lynda

Debbie said...

So pleased to hear that all is well with Fluffy, it must be a great relief to you as I know how worried you have been.
Debbie x

1st Mate said...

"Snaffling!" What a great word! No wonder I'm an anglophile, they do such hilarious things with the language!

Poor Fluffy, I'm sorry age is catching up with her. She's certainly put in more years than most cats, though. When you give her that hug, make it extra-gentle.

Lorianna said...

Oh my dear Helena, what a time of it you and sweet Fluffy have had! Poor kitty! I will certainly light a candle for her tonight in my kitty votive holder. I hope she is home safe and snuggly with your mum soon! Amazing that she has shown no discomfort. Billie gets very annoyed when her hips are touched at all. Fluffy must be very good natured. What a lovely girl. I completely understand your love and worry for her and your Mum's too.
It sounds like you are having fun on your trip. You certainly deserve a nice break from being sick and dizzy. Calories don't count when you're away from home on holiday! ;)
I received your cards yesterday and they are so beautiful! I show them to everyone who comes in and we are just so impressed that you can create something so lovely! The Gracie cards especially touch my heart. It's as if my Tookie whispered in your ear and showed you what she looked like... I admit to crying a bit over them. Not many kitties have that spicy pumpkin orange color and you captured it perfectly. Have you seen a cat like that before?
Well, I'm rattling away again. Sorry!
Sending you and Fluffy healing thoughts and hugs!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh I love to follow dear Lorianna's comment:) She is such a sweet lady and us three would be a delightful trio if we were together! I want to thank you first for the wonderful Easter card with that sweet gal on the front...she reminds me of you Helena. The pretty flower would make a nice corsage too.
Oh how happy I am that Fluffy is doing so well at the vet with her tests. That must make you feel like a good kitty mommy.
I am glad you are enjoying your little get away....eating yummies is a wonderful way to finish off any day!
All my love, Miss Peach

BumbleVee said...

Today it is good to hear some happier news about somebody's furry friends... I hope Fluffy has many more years even if she does become a bit slower or can't jump quite as high... as long as she seems happy all is good....

thank you for my card as well... it sounds like you have been busy...and I haven't done or sent any at all this year...sigh.........

I love the bright cheery flower... the only one I have around here with the snow still on the garden...

Can you believer it only took a few days to come all this way? I am still waiting for some fabric mailed from the next province over and it was posted on the Wednesday before my card...... something must have gone seriously wrong with the pony express rider...

mrsnesbitt said...

Hi honeybunch!
Yes Lincoln is a wonderful place. We sometimes go there on the motorbike, via The Humbrer Bridge.
Glad you are feeling OK about Fluffy and I can understand your concerns re your mum, they are of an age of "fretting" as we say up here.
Thanks so much for the lovely card, I as usual am totally unprepared!


Helena said...

Thanks everyone!