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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Cat Therapy

Things are smoothing out, gradually, I think....
Big thanks, everyone who has emailed and left messages.
It really helps y'know :)

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I've done a little pootling in my favourite subjects, namely cats and doodling. This time I've produced smaller cards. And I seem to be veering towards the simpler look at the moment, which I'm finding really appealing right now. Maybe because my head is so jumbled I need the page to be blanker!!

Anyway, as these are smaller (89mm -or about 3.5- inches square)I have put them in my online shop in packs of two. Here are a few examples. If you click this link you can see more pic's at the shop.Meanwhile here is Fluffy:Even though her kidneys are registering as OK now, the vet has recommeneded we stick to the Renal Formula diet because of her age (16). But she isn't eating very much at all. She has a few mouthfuls then just walks away. We even try to feed her from our hands, coaxing her and encouraging her. But after a few mouthfuls she just isn't interested. I've ordered a different brand of food for her, which should arrive today. It's still a premium renal formula but it's meant to be extra tasty for cats who aren't eating. I hope it works. She has lost LOTS of weight.In this photo (above) you can see how thin some of her fur is. This is where it had become matted and they had to thin it out and even did a little shaving!
(I love it when cats sleep on their brains like this. Did you know there is a tradition that this means it's going to rain?)

And here is her brother Scooter!
HE is doing SO well. He is her littermate, so also 16. He was diagnosed with FiV a few years ago. This is the feline version of HIV and spread by scratches and cuts in fights with infected cats.

When he was diagnosed the vet told me to have him put to sleep, if only, he said, to save Fluffy from the risk of infection. But I couldn't. How can I sacrifice one cat for another? Well it is years since and she is still free of it. And he is great despite having about 4 teeth and arthrititis. He has a limp at the moment: it comes and goes. But he is an enormous, butch fella, really strong.
He will cuddle only when HE wants to, and he isn't a lapcat. He prefers to sit alongside you.
He loves to be stroked, especially around the ears. When he has had enough he will push your hand away. But if you stop too soon he will "Tap tap tap" at you to carry on. Somtimes this may involve tapping your head or your face, if you are asleep in bed. And if that doesn't work the claws come out. He's very cheeky. I love them both.


Stardust said...

Take time slow with your cats. =)

Angel said...

Cats are good therapy! Enjoy them ans take care of yourself.

Lynda (Granny K) said...
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Lynda (Granny K) said...

Sorry, my last post was c--p!

We've been away for a few days. So sorry to hear about your awful symptoms. I hope you're feeling better real soon.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and make everything right for you.

Take it easy, much love, Lynda

Julie said...

Sounds like the cat therapy is working :o) Cats are wonderful aren't they? So independent but they bring so much love. Take it steady and recover at your own pace. The cards are lovely.

Emily said...

So glad you are gradually feeling a little better, Helena :) And those cards are beautiful.

Jenny S. (UK) said...

I adore your cats whether living or artwork. Love to check out your blog. I have left you an award here xx

Draygonflies said...

You *doodled* these cats? wow. They are lovely. My doodles are more abstract --- nothing at all like this.

I don't know much about cats - I've always had dogs, so cats tend to steer clear of me. Although all the pics of people stroking a cat in their lap are quite appealing.