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Friday, 29 May 2009

Album for Hazel

I'm not a "Scrapbooker". I have so many piles of photo's here and at Mum's - and don't make me count the ones on the computer- that it isn't a case of not knowing where to start, it's knowing that it would never end!!!

Then Josephine, a friend since we were both 8, told me that her daughter, Hazel, needed something special for some special photo's.

Hazel is 10 now and had had her favourite toy, MooCoo, since birth. MooCoo went everywhere with her. Unfortunately this is how MooCoo came to be lost, last summer. Well, Hazel dug out any photo with MooCoo on it, and asked if I could put them into a special book together.

Hey ho!

I had a proper 8 x 8 album spare, from a £5 kit I found last year in TK Maxx. So......

That clay cow was part of a box picture left on the kitchen wall by the previous owners of this house. It makes a good decoration on a album about a cow!

First page.

The pages are from Die Cuts With A view, Pocket Full of Posies.
Some of them are quite garish, but we're talking about a girl who loves colour and glitter!


I love this spread-
lots of silver embossed swirls, and the paper matches the watery theme in the photo's.

The paper in this one doesn't show well in the photo, but it's a sort of blue marl with a yellow smudge, so it goes with the yellow top that Hazel's cousin James is wearing.

Here's a close up of my lacé!-

Where the image of Hazel's toy is small, I've used a transparent sticky frame to highlight it- like on this one.

I like this one too, because of my doodling :)

Like I said, garish! LOL! But bright colour and glitter is very Hazel.

The last spread. Click to get it bigger and see it in detail.

There are 29 pages in all, and I've put a few blank ones at the back for her in case she find more pictures to include.

I really enjoyed doing it. Once I'd grouped the photo's and trimmed the ones that needed it, it took just a couple of evenings to do. It was excellent therapy!


Lynda (Granny K) said...

That is FANTASTIC Helena! I love the way you have decorated the pages. Well Done! I just know she'll treasure it forever!

Angel and Kirby said...

You did a wonderful job, Helena! You always rise to the occasion. I know Hazel was devastated when she lost MooCoo. Mu Granddaughter lost BooBoo Kitty when they moved one year. Her Granddaddy and Uncle were traveling a lot and they searched every airport gift shop till they found a new one.

Feronia said...

That's lovely, Helena. Beautiful work as always, and a very sweet idea :)

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Helena, you are such a talented young lady with a very big heart and beautiful soul. I am amazed at the absolutely wonderful projects you produce. Hazel will treasure your gift always. Linda

Shirley said...

Beautiful memory pages! I love what you did with each one!

Julie said...

wow! What a fantastic and beautiful book Helena. I've said it before but I'll say it again, you are one very talented lady.