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Saturday, 2 May 2009


Here's another inspirational video I found. If this doesn't get you feely arty nothing will! I found it quite late but after watching it, I didn't want my bed, I just wanted to get my pens out!!!

It's over 8 minutes long so get a cup of tea or coffee, sit back and enjoy :)

If you have to leave early, do take a look at the end before you go because she shows other examples of how she used the patterns.

.....you can visit her blog here :)


Angel said...

Wow! That is very inspiring. I have no artistic talent with pen and paper! I admire those that do!

Helena said...

Do you do interesting doodles when you're on the phone though? I ask because my mum always says she's not artistic but some of her doodles are lovely to look at, especially when she does trees :)

freebird said...

Really neat video Helena. I went to her site. Have it ready to look at when I have time. Did you join her group?