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Monday, 4 May 2009


....or "Artist Trading Cards"... these are always 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size and you make them to swap them with people. You can pick any subject and use any media- you can sew them, quilt them, paint them, draw on them, attach stuff to them, whatever you like. The only rules are (1) you have to stick to that saize and (2) they're to be traded, not sold. On the back, you put your name (plus contact details if you like; I'm going to just put my email on mine), and info. re the picture e.g., title; media used; and if it's one of a series, it's number. Why not chop up some bits of card to 2.5 x 3.5" and have a go?

Whilst coming up out of my deep blue funk (!) last week I pootled these ones over a few late nights..... what do you think of them? They were relaxing to do....

I used my Letraset ProMarkers on all these. I love the way you can blend these pens. They don't leave 'lines', just blocks of colour. When you go over other colours you get interesting effects. When you use the blender pen it washes out the colours like with a water-brush, but you don't know the full effect until it dries, so there's an element of risk and suprise :)

"Sunny Poppies"
The edges on this first one were done by just rubbing a dark blue ProMarker round the edge whilst the inks on the cards were still wet, hence the nice bleed effect....
"Silver Breeze"
-not a good photo :(
It's more colourful than this, and those lines are sparkly.

"Amazing Space 1"

Not sure what an Art Therapist would make of these last 2 :)

"Calm Before the Storm"
Is she being swallowed up by one of those flesh-eating plants? ...or waves? Are they petals? ...or the layers of an enormous dress??? I've no idea! It's just where the doodle took me!


What do you think?

More info on ATCs and some yummy examples here: Art In Your Pocket.


Julie said...

Great ATCs Helena. Looks like you had fun :o) I haven't made any ATCs for ages.

Helena said...

Hullo Julie :)

Dragonstar said...

Hi Helena, I'm finally back. I've been reading back a bit, and you've obviously had a really bad time. I hope you're really on the mend now.

I've been doing less recently, partly because of stress with my family, and partly because I have also had vertigo! Mine seems to have been caused by a virus, as the tablets the doc gave me are working nicely. I'm glad you found people who actually knew what was happening with your ears, though the otosclerosis must have been a nasty shock for you. I hope your hearing aid helps a lot.

Take care love.

Angel said...

Love the cards. You do amazing work. Glad you are back to doodling!

Pinkllilac said...

Hi Helena these ATC's are jst beautiful and the colours are stunning. I just love your work.
Hugs Linda

Emily said...

What a great idea, Helena. I'll definitely give these a go. And love your cards :)

Shrinky said...

Hi there sweetie, I think these cards are wonderful, each one unique and special. and I am so glad you are back to creating again (Hugs)

freebird said...

My niece's Meniere's disease is now in question. The docs are wondering if she might have a brain tumor instead which is creating her vertigo, hearing loss and heart problems. Great! I'm glad you are leaving the funk behind at last.

Love your ATC's. The last two- different personalities? One is prim and chaste and the other is quite the flirt! That's what I see with her skirt floating up like that and the nun totally covered up.

Anonymous said...

Helen - it's your little cuz :)

Have you been in Hobby Craft by any chance? :)


Helena said...

Hullo Cuz!!!!

No, I've seen pic's of Hobby Craft but never gone there. Not sure where the nearest one to me is, maybe Basildon, I think. It would be like a supermarket of arty stuff and might not come out again.

Draygonflies said...

I'd trade ATCs with you any day! Therapist be damned! lol Thought provoking, that's what they are. I really really like Amazing Space.

Thanks for sharing!