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Thursday, 1 October 2009

I love my blogger friends!

Unexpected parcels! There's nothing like them! When one arrives I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve! (Which is what I haven't actually felt on Christmas Eve since I was about 12- so they make me feel young again!)

Oh boy. A lovely package arrived this week from Lorianna =)
It gave me such a lift!
Here it is:Inside the Halloween themed card (I love the crow and moon on the front!):I like the way the cat's tail was holding on to the message card:
(What a lovely message!)

Next, "Helena's Magical Cottage":I love the cat button! Look close up- he even has a heart for a nose! Some of the inside pages.... so much work gone into this....gorgeous!Back cover...I am completely stunned! So much work gone into something, just for me! Wonderful! Thank you so much, Lorianna!

Now, where's that choccie? =)

OooOOooOoo... made by Mars, yet not a bar we have over here.... wonder what it's like??

Nyom nyom nyommmmm.... scrumptiously creamy! Yum! I better get this hidden! hehe!

Now I think I'll try my hand at a Halloween card for Lorianna. I'll start with this cheeky chappy here.....Did you spot the scrumptious new Water-Colour Pencils? They're by Bruynzeel/Sakura. I bought them half price for about £7.50. The Derwent ones I bought last year were very disappointing- very grainy when wet. These are completely smooth, no streaks or gritty bits. Anyway..... I was going to make this a black cat but couldn't resist a few tabby stripes, so it's a cheeky tabby trying to be a scaredy Halloween cat =)


Angel and Kirby said...

That is a very nice surprise package.

Chrissy said...

Wonderful snail mail. She went to a lot of trouble, I always think that is sooo lovely.
You bought them then? Nowadays, I just buy Coloured Pencils if they are the right price, I seem to get through them at a considerable rate and I find that each brand has it's own merits so they all get utilised somewhere ;)

candy said...

lucky you!

I love the house collages! What a good thing to discover in your mailbox!!


Feronia said...

I love nice parcels in the post!

Helena said...

Scrumptious wasn't it? =)