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Friday, 12 March 2010

Enough already. Let's have a smile.

When mum and I were waiting to leave hospital on Monday, as the hospital pharmacy inexplicably took 7 hours to dispense her medicine, we started chatting to the woman in the bed opposite, named Pamela.

When the subject moved on to pets, and specifically cats :) she told us that she had had a cat years ago who was so special, she couldn't bear the thought of taking another after she'd gone. (I *think* its name was Susie. But can't quite remember that bit properly....)

It was a British Blue.........Pamela's husband gave her Susie as a kitten, as an engagement present, and she lived with them till dying in her sleep at age 22 (awwww...)

But the best story of all is this:

For 2 decades, each Friday, when Pamela was walking home from work, Susie would meet her half way along the road, at the Newsagent's. Pam would then nip in and buy a tube of Rolos: a ration of 2 Rolos was Susie's weekly treat. She loved them.I love this story. It goes against all veterinary advice, but goes straight to the soul of a cheeky, independent wee cat who knows what she wants and how to get it. I find it so cute when animals adopt a routine!

And HURRAYYY for disobeying the rules and living beyond our expected years!

I can just picture her chewing away on them, then trotting the rest of the way home with her mum, purring, and pausing now and then for a leg rub.


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Hope Pamela does well. She has MS. She'd been in hospital 3 weeks and couldn't wait to escape. Thanks for helping to pass the hours, Pam, wherever you are!


Julie said...

I love Rolos, and Munchies! What a great cat! Keep smiling :o)

Angel and Kirby said...

Rolos are so chewy! I can just see that little cat working on one! Thanks for sharing a smile!

CherryPie said...

It is always the people you meet in hospital who keep you going during those quite inexplicable waiting times :-)

My Dad has been in numerous hospitals over the last three years, most recently sitting in the hospital for 5 hours for three days in one week for something that should only have take 45 minutes!!!

It is the lovely people I meet that keep me sane :-)

Stardust said...

This story warms my heart, the special love between Susie and Pam. You surely deserve something sweet and light like this. =)

Hoping that more help and angelic moments come your way very soon. Hugs.

Feronia said...

I'm with Susie - I love Rolos. Lovely story, Helena. You're right - good to have a smile where you can.

i beati said...

she's a dolly. We are still battling a serious kitty illness here sigh